HELP - Towing Question


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My husband an I are buying a 2005 Trailer Cruiser. We getting conflicting information from what the guide says we can tow and what the rv dealers say we can tow.

We have a 4.7 Liter V8 Dodge Durango.

The trailer weight dry is 4439.

DL Rupper

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RE: HELP - Towing Question

Hey johayes915, welcome to the forum. Not sure, but suspect you can tow at least 7000lbs with a V8 Durango. Shouldn't have any trouble with your trailer, as it is fairly light. Do you have a towing package on the Durango? If not, you will need a heavier frame mounted hitch and wiring harness/connection (Class IV). The bumper hitch that comes standard on most SUVs/trucks is not rated for towing much more than a super lightweight trailer. Happy camping. :)


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Re: HELP - Towing Question

Hey johayes915, welcome. Don't forget the weight you put into the trailer counts also (all those things that you will take, but probably never use). ;)