HELP! We are stuck


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So we drove our RV off the lot only to find that it is leaking what looks like gas and oil and the shop is now closed. We found that it is this piece that is the source, but we have no idea what it is or how to fix it. It is on the right side of the tank. Does anyone know what we should do to fix it? It is a 1989 spirit itasca. I added some photos for reference.
Thank you xx21103561_1658547227497832_829461698_o.jpg 21103675_1658547147497840_1395599852_o.jpg 21104430_1658547240831164_1517211915_o.jpg


Clarence Harris

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that looks like a fuel pressure regulator. try snugging the philips screws(4) on the cover. also check the clamps on both robber hoses.