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I'm sure this topic is been posted a million times before and here it comes again! I have a keystone Fuzion 360. I presently have a 2007 gmc crew cab duramax 2500(classic)4x4. I will be purchasing a new truck next week. I don't care for Duallys. My camper has a gross weight of 18000#. My present truck does ok but I know it's not safe with my family. Do any of you think it would be safer to go with a 1 ton with the srw? And if so, ford or gmc? That's the only 2 I like. I never fill my water tanks and I carry a golf cart in the garage. Any input would be appreciated!!


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You definitely need a 1 ton. I personally would go with a dually, they are more stable with that kind of weight and in the event of a blowout on a rear tire you have a much better chance of control without visiting the ditch. I am a retired over the road driver with over 5 million miles and have seen too many bad accidents from that happening that would have been avoided with duals. My personal tow vehicle is a 2003 F-350 4X4 dually crew cab long box and it is also my dailly driver. It really doesn't take long to get used to the duals, the negatives are few and the pluses are many when towing.