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I am writing to ask if anyone would consider donating an older Class A type motor home. Due to a handicap, I am looking for something large enough to pull a wheelchair accessible van, and large enough to be modified for a special light weight wheelchair to get around in. My wife and I have been in 24 to 27 footers, which would work fine with minor changes in most models. I have some local friends that are willing to donate there time to make minor repairs so that I can drive it. My wife and I simply need someone to donate something to work with.

I really fell pretty bad even asking, but this is why I ask. I was born with sever Hemophilia, the bleeders disease. Cost of my blood products that I “must” take to stay alive runs about $10,000.00 per year. In 1984 I contracted HIV and Hep C from all the blood transfusions that I had to have over the years. During my younger years, my mother and father were not able to afford my medication, so a number of my internal joint bleeds went untreated. This in turn has caused such sever joint damage that I can no longer stand, I have even lost my left leg, and my elbows are only able to bend about 1/2 of what is normal. This past 4 years, the HIV has turned to AIDS. Now I must take AIDS drugs, and these AIDS drugs added a great deal to my yearly medical costs. My AIDS drugs run about $6000.00 per year, and as I get my older, I need higher amounts of blood products to control my joint bleeding. Total out of pocket medical care per year often runs about 20k per year. This does not include doctor visits, hospital stays any many other medical things I need such as the up keep on electric wheelchairs, and a special handicapped access van.

My wife is a nurse, and makes a good living, but it is all eaten up in my medical care costs, we live from payday to pay day. We live a simple life, my handicapped van is almost 11 years old with 227,000 miles, and even my wife's car is 7 years old. I am not proud of having t ask for help, I am proud of working full time, going and completing college when I was younger, working for the Department of Defense as a Senior Computer Operations Supervisor for 18 years. I am married, raised two wonderful kids, had a great job, but it was all take away from me because our government, and the Pharmaceutical companied sold the bleeders of this country AIDS tainted blood for profit. Because of the USA's "blood shed" laws, we were unable so sue the government, or the Pharmaceutical companies that did this to us. There was nothing we could do. In 1980, there was 20000 bleeders, today, there are less then 4250 left alive. A whole population almost wiped out.

Our biggest dream has always been to travel the country together. My wife has a wonderful work schedule. She works 4 days, off for 2 days, works 4 days, and then is off for 7 days. During these 7 days periods of her being off, we love to travel. But the cost of hotels, eating out and so on has become too much for us and we can not longer afford to do it, the last time we went was October 1st to the 8th to Yellowstone. What a wonderful time we had together. We simply want more of those times together before I die. Because of my hemophilia, I don't have life insurance, the only thing my wife I can do is make memories together. We are one of those few blessed people that found each other to be soul mates, and all we want to do is share what time we have left and make those memories.

I will provide you with complete proof of my medical condition and everything else. I am 42 years old, and I while I am still not in the end stages of AIDS, my doctor feels I have just a few more years of being able to travel. My wife and I have always dreamed of driving the country and seeing all we can. We are just looking for someone that may have an older motor home, that needs some TLC and taking up space in your driveway, if you would give a couple like us a chance to chase our dream for a few years.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I know you must get some crazy emails at times, and I don't blame you if you feel this is one of them. I just ask you if you were married to your soul mate, and have always had to fight for everything you ever had, and then it comes down to have just a few years left to live, would you not do or try all you could to follow your dream?