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I'll let you know how it works. Before we buy it we are going to take it to Freightliner and have them check it out and let us know if everything looks good. If all goes well we should be sitting in our Bounder by Saturday, not tomorrow, but next Saturday. Good luck finding a DP. We just lucked up upon this one.
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Good luck on your choice. :laugh: However, looking at the filter does not tell if it has been changed at the proper mileage, along with the oil. Understand you are looking at a 4 to 5 gallon oil change, and expensive filters. If you live in a cold climate, you'll need to treat the fuel if temps go below 20 deg F as the fuel starts to gel or wax up. You'll need to change the fuel filter(s) and check if you have an automatic water separator or if you manually have to drain the water. You may need to periodically drain the water out of the air brake system if it does not have an auto drain. There is more maintenance on a diesel than a gas unit, but once you get into a schedule, it shouldn't be a problem. :cool:
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WE live in South Carolina around Greenville and the weather in the winter will occansionally dip below 20 but not for long and not many days at all. Is there a book or website that tells us a basic maintanence schedule for diesels? WE have just made a subscription to MotorHomes hoping to get some help form that magazine. WE are actuallu awaiting Thursday when it gets checked out.