HI guys eaglewing


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After reading some of the topic, I see alot of trouble going on with 454 Chev, engine here.
What about Ford V10 engines guys, do they have troubel with alignment, where the belt, squeal alot. I looked at a 93 Chev 464, see breeze, that was going on on it.
The one I'm looking ,really setup to pickup in week, is a 93 coaschman, with Frod, V10, I've seen couple of them, with rebuilt motors, at 100,000 miles.
The engine runs like a new one now, person had it, had all records, very little maintence need, he traded it cause wife, wanted a new coach. they been in coach for 9 yrs,,she loves it,rving that is.
So, guys let me hear , abot this V10 engine,if you know. anything.
Deal aren't final yet.
Got 43,000 mils on it.

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HI guys eaglewing

When did Ford start making the v10? has it already been that long? I have the V10 in a 2002 32 Holiday Rambler and it has performed great and I am a GM man. Did buy a GM toad to pull behind so it could push a little :laugh: . Went to Alaska last summer and the mountains were no problem. Littly noisy when rpms are up. uses no oil and temp is fine on long pulls and hot days. I have heard that the early V10 did lack a little in power. You sure that 93 is not a 460?


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HI guys eaglewing

I know that Ford did not put the V-10 into the class A chassis until March of 1999. It was released to the manufacturers at that time as an early 2000 chassis. I have a 1998 Cruise Master that was built on the 99 Ford/V-10 chassis. I special ordered it in early Feb. with the 18K GVWR/V-10 chassis as a stipulation of the contract. If I remember correctly, they did introduce the V-10 in the class C, cutaway chassis one year earlier.

If your Coachman is a 93 the engine is a 460, V-8. The 460 is a good engine, but lower horse power and GVWR.