Hi I am new

I have a Winnebago sunova on a workhorse chassis with the 8.1 cid Chevy motor it is a 2004 and only has 6,500 miles on it and I am having a lot of side sway when you hit the slightest bump it wants to through every thing out of the cabinets. Any help would be appreciated.

C Nash

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Re: Hi I am new

Welcome to the wonderful world of rving halftrack59 :laugh: Is this your first MH? Might just be normal :( Check shocks,sway controls, tire pressure and weigh the rig fully loaded. Steer safe or Davis sway control might be needed. A little more info might help such as road conditions, speed, passing, curves and such. Welcome to the forum :)


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Re: Hi I am new

Welcome Halftrack59. Weigh it for sure. Also make sure your loaded "evenly" thourghout. I have Winn Chieftain and I get sway when passed by "big rigs" going faster than me (of course passsing they go faster). I've learned to hold on to steering wheel real tight when I see one coming to pass me. Things in cabinets "always" seem to move around some while traveling. Like Chelse stated, MORE INFO may be needed to help you more.


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Re: Hi I am new


Lots of good information here thus far. If you have never driven a motorhome or bus like vehicle before, they do handle very differently than any other type of vehicle. Also you need to realize the importance of the weights and of proper balance of that weight. An unbalanced RV or one that is over loaded can be not only difficult to drive, but it can also be dangerous. You need to know the weight of the total RV, of each axle and or each side. All are important.