Hi, new guy here.....

Finally moved up from 20 years of pop up campers to a RV trailer. Bought a 1998 Terry 26A Toy Hauler from a friend a couple weeks ago. This trailer has been used six times since new. I have it set up on some property I own in Texas. I don't have a truck with enough guts to tow this trailer now but I am happy with where it is parked, out in the country. I have picked up a few tips lurking here and hope to contribute info in the future.....chris3

C Nash

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Hi, new guy here.....

Congradulations on the new camper Chris3. those are nice rv to haul your toys in. What kind of toy will you be hauling? Lots of good rvers here to answer any questions you might have.
Hi, new guy here.....

None really. The price of this trailer was very nice, coming from a friend, that I could not turn it down. He mentioned one day if I wanted to buy it and the rest is history. I have it parked on 9 wooded acres 100 miles SE of Dallas. Water, elec, and septic were already there when I bought it. The tailgate makes a dandy porch. When these trailers first came out I kept asking the sales guys at the RV shows if a kit to screen in the tailgate when lowered to the horzontal position is available. They all looked at me like I passed gas........I will retire in 6 years and when the trailer is paid off I am going to get a truck that can tow this unit and take it to my land I have in the UP of MI, where I will live in the summer......then back to Texas in the winter.....Of course, there is a motorcycle in the garage........chris3