High mpg diesel RVs


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I was really interested in the new diesel sprinter type class b's because of the high fuel efficiency, approx. 22 mpg - great stuff. Did some figuring. Assuming gas costs $1.80/gal. and you get 15 mpg and a diesel gets 22 mpg at $1.60/gal, and the cost differential to purchase is $3500 (I own a fleet of trucks,some gas and some diesel and the purchase premium is approx. $3500), then figure the cost of money delta ($3500 x 8% paid over 5 years) and you find that the breakeven point for the luxury of a 22 mpg rv is approx. 150,000 miles. However diesel drivetrains last forever if properly maintained, but the coach and axles will probably fall off by then. But the good news is that you get to fill up your propane tank every day to run the generator for 10 hours so that you can survive the Texas heat while traveling. Just an observation and something to think about.
High mpg diesel RVs

I made similar calculations when we were looking for a replacement for our 91 RT(190P) - and decided against the 22 mpg diesel. It took us 13 years to put 137 K on the RT. We really liked the SportsMobiles but they don't take trades and have a long waiting period. We bought a 2005 Trail Lite 251 with the Chev 6.0 L. We just picked it up so I don't have any mpg numbers yet. It is much larger than our RT and I have some concerns that its size will limit where we can go.
High mpg diesel RVs

It seems a little unfair to have a forum for class B but not C or A. I thought about the C units - but fleetingly. Decided that if I wanted to live in a unit for 6 or 7 months a year then I wanted some comfort. Thus - I bought an older Gulfstream.

If I take day trips - which I am sure we will do - then we will use out toad. A 2001 Chevrolet Suburban 4x4.

I get in excess of 6 mpg (and that is with the generator running all the time to keep the two coach roof air conditioners working - as it is a diesel generator feeding off the main tank).

Have a wonderful time - god bless (PS - here is a photo of our unit).