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9 miles per gallon and $3.50 a gallon would be a blessing indeed. I figure 7 miles per gallon and probably $4.00 to $4.50 per gallon this spring, if the forecasts are right.

I quit obsessing about gas prices around the third day of the trip last year. Ya gotta buy it to burn it and ya gotta burn it to get there. I wasn't going to sit at some gas station in protest until they lowered the price. The highest price I paid was up in the Yukon Territory and it worked out to $5.45 (US) per gallon. :eek: :eek: :angry: :angry:

I would love to take the cruise to Alaska. 30 years up there and I've never seen Juneau, Skagway, etc. Saw lots of the interior, some in places where the map says,"Here there be dragons." Went to Bethel once - which isn't the end of the world but you can throw rocks off the side. :laugh: :laugh:


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Jim & Steve

Thanks for the responses . I will be looking hard at the new routes.
Lets all hope the pricing comes back down to where they should be.. I have not towed the new toad yet but if I keep my speed back off a little I can get 10 mpg at 60 on flat terrain. But I do like to roll at 70 tho it pulls up the hill a little better. Now towing the wrangler I not sure what I will be getting, but you are right Jim, it is what it is...

I went out in the rv Got out my 2008 Milepost. They have 5 campgrounds listed aroung Caigary Some are on route 1 but only 6 miles west of Calgary.but,Nature Hideway 15 miles south of Calgary on highwood river that could be on route 2 not sure. I didn't look them up yet so I don't know when they open?

Thanks again

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I looked at the RV Park Review website and my copy of Woodall's and I found all the campgrounds around Calgary. Seems they are all west of Canada 2 except for the dump in Airdrie that we stayed in last year and won't be going back to. So it looks like stopping around Calgary will be in a Walmart parking lot :eek: :laugh: :laugh:

But that's why I have a generator and water tank according to my Bro-In-Law. If he had his way we would either drive straight through, or stop at any handy wide spot in the road for a quick nap. I think he's getting anxious about getting back to Alaska.

I'm sure it will all work out in the end. I just hate going 5,6,8 whatever miles out of my way to camp just to turn around in the morning and have to drive back to my chosen route. I'm really surprised no one has a RV park on Canada 2, other than the dump in Airdrie.