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I hope someone can help me out. We are about to purchase a travel trailer. We have tent camped and had an old pop-up for over 25 years, so I am ready for something with a bathroom! We are looking at a holiday rambler aluma lite bunkhouse trailer. Has anyone had experience with holiday rambler trailers? We will be using an Expedition to tow with, so we will need something fairly light. We are open to any suggestions on trailer manufacturers and models you could recommend. We definitely want something with a queen bed and bunks.
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C Nash

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Welcome to the forum camping girl. I have owned four HR products and all gave good service. They are prone to leaks as all rvs are so if used check it out good for signs of leaks. One of the HR was a Aluma lite and it was a verg good rv but did have a leak around the rear window that I caught before any damage was done. Think it was a 92 model TT 26 ft. Handled well towing with a 1'2 ton chev.


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The HR alumilite is a good all around trailer. The thing you want to make sure of is that all the appliances work like they are supposed to. Like C Nash says look for water damage ie. discoloration in the wll panelling, delamination (bubbleing) in the ceiling panels and the ouside walls if fiberglass sided, stains in the ceiling fabric if applicable and soft spots in the floor. Since the wall structure is aluminum you shouldn't have to worry about it too much.