How can I stay warm...cheaply?


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How can I stay warm...cheaply?

Dear John,we too are new to camping in the winter.I read your letter .We bought a 1993 Winnebago Adventurer.It is doubtful the compartments are heated.It is winterized now,but we may want to leave it in ready to go.Do you think the furnace being left on will keep everything from freezing?We live in Nashville,Tn.where the winter doesn't always get a lot below freezing.Thanks,David Parker I'm also new to computers and don't know if I can find this forum again)

John Harrelson

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How can I stay warm...cheaply?

Hi David,
If the unit is NOT connected to a water hose or sewer hose, then yes, I believe the furnace will keep your unit from freezing.

Make sure your cabinet doors are open and also the bathroom door... This will allow the warm air to circulate more freely.

The "FORCED AIR FURNACE" installed in an RV is just that ... a FORCED air heating system"..

The furnace will push warm air into the cavities of an RV and reduce the possibility of any water lines in the walls or the water tanks in the inclosed belly or basement from freezing.

A portable electric or propane heater will not "force" the warm air into those areas, they only warm the interior of the RV.

Don't misunderstand, those portable heaters are great for taking the chill off while watching television but you should not use them as the "primary" heat source during the winter months.

If your unit is connected to water source and sewer, then you should take precautions and protect those lines with both a heat tape and insulation covering..

Happy camping,

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How can I stay warm...cheaply?

I have a small class B so have bubble insulation on windows
as we sleep right beside them - so easy to cut and insert.
Good luck on keeping Here in Ontario cold but heading
to Mexico for first trip in RV end of January


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How can I stay warm...cheaply?

Heya John,

you lost me when you stated your propane used in gallons.. How many galllons are in a 40lb tank?

thank's in advance,



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How can I stay warm...cheaply?

We don't do winter camping yet, but we do spring and fall camping. We have a hybrid kodiak trailer (one wing) We keep the furnace on low to keep the major chills out druing the night and we use a heated matress pad. Works great. Also we found one with dual controls so we can control each side to what we need. Got it at Walmart Canada. We found it keeps the propane consumption down to a min and why not use the electric sence it's already paid for.


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How can I stay warm...cheaply?

For those who want to keep warm and don't want to use propane, they now have 425 watt room heaters that mount on the wall. They do a good job of keeping the chill off and don't use a lot of power. But you still need to run the furnace to keep you waterlines thawed.


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How can I stay warm...cheaply?

I only use the Propane furnace when there is no electric available. Forced air ensures that tanks and water lines in the basement are heated.

However, if you have electric I suggest one or two small carefully placed, secured and tempurature set space heaters in your basement. For the living space I prefer Oil Filled radiators. They are virtually silent minus the click of the thermostat. I've one in the living room and one in the bed or bath. They do take up space, but, I hate noisy fans. If they could only manufacture one with an accurate digital thermostat.

A good humidifier is a plus too. Below 25 percent humidity and my nose goes bonkers. 30-35 percent is about right for my sinuses. Just keep your humidity below 40 or you will start to see extra condensation and eventually mold around the windows.