How do I test electric brake magnets? ELECTRICAL NIGHTMARE !


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Hello guys need help here! I have a 2000 Starcraft , recently I have encountered lots of electrical problems. Is it possible that my camper could have been struck by lightning? First the power converter has went out. I installed a 45 amp Parrelax sytem that took care of that. Next my check refrigerator light stays on. The unit will not work on gas or 12V or 120V AC any suggestions?? Finally my electric brakes are not working. I checked the voltage at the wheel connections , when the brake controller is turned to max I have almost 12 V at the wheels but, the magents hum but they do not "click " & work at all, ANY SUGGESTIONS?? :question:


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Re: How do I test electric brake magnets? ELECTRICAL NIGHTMARE !

As an electrical service tech. I really don't see any way that the brake problem is in any way related to the other two problems. If your battery is bad, say a shorted cell, it would prevent the refirgerator from working in any mode because the control circuitry is powered by 12V-dc power in all modes of operation. Start by checking to see what the voltage is at the supply pins of the control board. If it is less than 11V, it is suspect and the battery could be the problem.

But your brake system gets it's power from the tow vehicle and the other systems would have no effect on the brakes at all. It sounds to me like the brake problem is probably mechanical. Do the brake parts work freely when moved by hand? If you apply power to the magenets, does it pull very hard on a wrench when held near the core? Those are some quick checks.