How does it feel to be a resident of Biloxi?


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This is exerpted from an email that I just received from a friend and RVer in Biloxi. He is a two tour Viet Nam vet and retired from the US Air Force.

quote:The aftermath of hurricane Katrina is an experience worse than my combat tours. The system of government has failed in Biloxi. There are hundreds of trucks and more trucks running up and down the road with no where to go. All bridges in and out, are destroyed with the exception of the I-110 bridge and it will be closed a week for repair. FEMA has yet to establish an office. The only Red Cross trucks I see are meal wagons from as far north as New York.

The feted odor of dead and dying things permeate the air. The only help I have with provisions is the Catholic Aid society where I can get food and water. The cemeteries located on the beach front were washed out with their coffins both open and closed are piled up along the washed out roads. The sewage is a black mess when you flush the toilet the water is cess pool quality.

The last time I saw chaos like this was when I walked through a burned village in Vietnam and the people were standing around with blank looks on their faces and destruction was everywhere. I see the same thing here with over 38,000 homes destroyed with people living in tents, old cars and on the ground.

Looting is rampant with gangs of armed hoods roaming the streets.

Traffic is grid-lock with gasoline $5 or $6 dollars a gallon with lines a mile long.

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How does it feel to be a resident of Biloxi?

Kirk, this is terriable!! I would think the terriost are foaming at the mouth after seeing how we are unable to handle a disaster. All better see this and be prepared to survive on our own and not depend on the goverment for everything. Most of our leaders have never been in the real world so they are lost when the chips are down. To much red tape and then there are to many free loaders that try to take advantage of others problems. We have people trying to collect and they were not even in the affected area :angry: . To much fighting between the political parties when they should forget parties and come together for Amercia. Seems as though we are headed to be a 3rd world society