How fast do you drive?


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I had several trucks with several campers, also long time ago I had a winnebago on the dodge frame and I got the same fuel with all my trucks whether we were hauling a camper or pulling a trailer, 7-9 mpg. Got that with the winne too. Worse I got was a couple of years back I bought a ford truck with a 460 engine and a 27 foot holiday rambler trailer and we drove to missouri and back and got 4 mpg. Traded that truck and trailer in after one trip for the motor home we have now. And I kept my speed between 55 and 60 with the truck and trailer. With my trucks and campers I drove around 65 on average.
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The key to getting to the sweet spot for economy appears to be keeping the motor turning at the peak of the torque curve. My V10 curve tops out at 2500/3200 rpms. You can check out various curves at:
Lugging any lower is just as bad for economy as revving it at higher speeds. More hp produced but a loss in economy.
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The chart that I get on my V10 is exactly accurate. Thanks Paul235.

This is exactly where my Winnie 'feels' right and doesn't downshift on the uphill side of small hills. The chart shows max torque of 400 and a horsepower of 175 where the two curves cross.

On my Winnie it is 2300 RPM @ 60 mph in OD. My last tank showed a high gas mileage of 8.8 mpg on a segment of the short trip that I'm on.

If I gohigher in rpm (speed) to 2500 the gas mileage will drop down. If I go lower in rpm (speed) the mileage will go up about 1/4 to 1/2 mpg, but I can't stand to drive 55! :)



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u got a gearvendor also Tex ,, i have one on my MH ,, but as of last trip it's outta commision ,, had a very bed vibe when it went into over/overdrive ,, contacted GV ,, and they told me that the final frive sprag was shot ,, and for the price they quoted me to have it rebuilt ,, i can buy a new one ,,, JMO :) :) :approve: :approve: