How much will this repair cost me?

New to the forum and new to RV ownership. Ive got a 89 Chieftain 31 foot 65000 miles on the Chevy with 454. Bought this as a camper, not to take cross country trips in. My boys and I race/play with dirt bikes.Mostly 2 to 4 hour trips. Had to have an RV or Momma wouldnt come and if Momma dont come nobody gets to go!

Any how, It needs all new belts and most likely a water pump and maybe a fan clutch/clutch fan. No way can I do this so what can i expect to pay and how long should it take a shop to do it. The shops Ive contacted say a certain rate per hour but will only say it will take "as long as it takes"

Whats reasonable? Thanks Mike


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How much will this repair cost me?

Welcome to the forum. I've got the same RV...89, 31 Ft Chieftain w/454, but I've only got 12,000 miles on it.
I know from experience that RV shops are not cheap....just checked to see what it would cost to put new pads (seem to be a little crystalized), turn rotors, fill/flush radiator, and install a new water heater (electric/LP). Stout's RV here in Indianapolis, wanted around $1,200.00 just for labor...and I just about filled my you know what. Anyhow, I also checked at some GM dealers and the two that were recommended in the GM Owner's manual for this RV, said they no longer work on RV's....too big to manuver in shop. Anyhow, if you can find or make a friend that is real mechanically inclinded, do it. I've decided I'm gonna try to do most of my own work....retired now and just can't afford the big labor charges anymore. Good luck and whatever you decide, safety is the most critical factor in deciding who and what you want done and what is reasonable. ;) :laugh: :) :cool:
How much will this repair cost me?

What makes you think it needs a new water pump. Just because it has that many miles on it doesn't make the water pump bad. I owned a GMC 1 ton crew cab with 128,000 miles on it and the water pump never went bad.

I would suggest you change the anti-freeze, you can install the new belts if you take your time, maybe invest in a Chilson's service manual if one is available, and then try it out. If the fan makes a noise like the engine is running away with itself you may have to replace the clutch. But that only requires removing about 4 bolts from the center of the fan. If you only use the motorhome for short trips to motorcross races then you should have time to work on it yourself.

If you are careful and asked questions I am sure you can do the work just as easily and a whole lot cheaper than taking it to a repair shop. You work on the motorcycles don't you? Even if you have to take the radiator out to get to the fan and water pump, you can do it.

Good luck.

Let us know what happens.

How much will this repair cost me?

Water pump is bad because of play in the bearing and a small amount of leakage. I do know my way around a tool box its just that time to do the repairs is very rare. Im guessing about 8 real hours which breaks down to about 4 days when you have to take care of the wife and kids and 20 acres of mowing.

And by the way, we dont motocross, we woods race/hare scrambles, thats where the real fun is out in the woods going as fast as you can on a trail made by a three legged blind drunk goat!! :bleh:
How much will this repair cost me?

I have an 84 Chieftain and we had to change a belt one night on a high school football game road trip. We had a few tools and got it done in time for kick off. I'm sure the water pump will be a bit more challenging but my point is that the dog house opens up pretty wide. I would take it to the same guy that works on your pick-up if you don't want to do it yourself. Help him out by showing him how to pull the seats etc. Good luck.
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How much will this repair cost me?

Major thing I like about Ford is that they have a motor home hot line and they will make the phone calls tow get you into a dealer somewhere along your itinerary if you have a problem. I have used it a number of times with great success. Does GM or Workhorse have such a setup?