How to Plan a Year Long Trip?

Currently overseas and returning the end of 08 when I plan to buy a used truck and trailer to travel a year or so. I also plan to haul a motorcycle in the bed of the truck to sightsee while camped.

I am looking for suggestions on HOW to plan a year long travel around the States. Yes, I know that what each person wants to see and do will be different, but I am NOT asking what to see or where to go, but how I can plan this.

I would like some ideas on how to plan to do this with the least amount of unnecessary driving. I don’t want to be driving haphazardly around each State and crisscrossing the United States unnecessarily.

Like most people, I would plan to see the northern States in the summer and southern States in the winter.

I have started requesting travel information from each State. Upon receipt, I will look through them and decide what I would like to see in each State.

Being retired, I am not locked into doing this in one year. I may like it so much, that I will continue longer than a year. Also, I am not a complete newby. I owned a small class C, Tioga II (16’9”) for a few years in the late 70’s. Yes, there were RVs back then.

Any and all suggestions on how I can plan this will be appreciated.
RE: How to Plan a Year Long Trip?

When doing ours we put a map of the USA in front of us and marked each place that we "had" to see and then linked each with the "sensible" route (later changed this slightly to exclude freeways where possible). Then applied the 70f rule, where we only wanted to be in places that had an average daily temp of 70f +. This is not always possible, but basically do the southern half in winter and the north in winter. Then add a bit of fine tuning and pick out other places of interest that occur on that route. Then come back for the next 5 years to see the things that we missed!
Re: How to Plan a Year Long Trip?

WE sit down and plan where we would like to go and roughly how much time we are going to be there, then arrange the map so it does not look like our five yr old planned it JK , she does alot with the decisions, are they kid friendly, allow pets, I know alot of research but I do not like surprises , I agree with TEX, use Google Maps to see what it looks like then do what Keith does, redefine the route so it helps us,