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Howdy all!

As I am writing this right before Labor Day of 2008, I usually recommend for everyone to come to Texas, but today I'd say, "Stay away from the Gulf Coast!" :laugh: That includes the coast of LA through the FL panhandle, too.

We're all hanging around waiting for this big wind called Gustav to give us a clue on which part of the coast it might converge. These things don't get our attention unless the forecast path pokes us square in the eye!

There seems to be a mass exodus in LA, but I'm not so sure it won't have a big affect on the Houston/Galveston area where we are located. The weather seems to be dropping down on us from the north and that will squirt this thing a little more to the west if it all sets up just right.

We shall see (and hope a big tree doesn't fall on us!) :clown:
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You are so right Tex. But it seems to be waiting until after the weekend to come in so we are going to take our chances at Port Lavaca this weekend. Hopefully all will be safe. I know the people from LA are already moving. I hope they don't get to Texas just to find the storm followed them. If necessary, we will head inland maybe towards New Braunsfels or farther. Still a lot of guessing though. I guess I need to quit planning trips though :) I planned to go to Corpus Christi and here came Dolly. I planned to go to LA and here came Edouard. Planning on going to Port Lavaca and here comes Gustav. Of course none of those storms have stopped my plans yet. :) :cool: :laugh:
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I've got water available and a 10 acre hay meadow if any of you need a place. I'm also 200 miles inland. Lots of trees for shade also.


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Seen that TC, some models have it at Palacios, Matagorda. Thinking I may head down this weekend and bring everything home and put it in our barn. That way if it does come this way I'll be ahead of the crowd. Carol keep an eye on the weather, you may want to be home to pick things up in the yard before it hits. That's mighty nice of you Jim!! :approve:
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Butch we still have most everything up from Edouard. The only things out are vehicles. We tied the trampoline to the back of the carport and John does not leave anything in the yard most of the time. I don't think volleyball poles will go anywhere, we may put them in the garage anyway though. We will be doing all that this evening as we may need to make a quick exit anyway.
Jim send pm on where you are, maybe need to visit you sometime. I have a brother in San Antonio but he lives in a Mobile Home so not sure that would be the best place to go. I don't know how many of my relatives I can squeeze into the MH. Hopefully it will not come to that. Everyone be safe and be prepared. :) :approve:


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To all my friends in TX. LA and FA please take cover before it's to late. I ask you to remember last year when Katrina came to town. Lives was lost for no good reasons that can thing of. all our worldly procession isn't worth one life. And we would miss all of your comments on the forum.

Jim that was a nice offer, maybe someone will take you up

DL Rupper

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To all of you down south and in Texas take care. Hope it misses you. With any luck it will head west to Mexico.
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Thanks to all of you for all of your kind words of encouragement from all of us here in Louisiana. We are all thankful for the prayers and help from our neighboring states. :)
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Sounds like your in for a big storm and please all keep safe. It is so hard to imagine the power of these storms until you see the damage they can cause. Our thoughts are with you all. Regards Big Bilko :) :) :)
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Thanks for your concern, but we ain't runnin' skeered yet! :laugh: (Maybe tomorrow I'll change my mind, though! :clown: )

Here's a link that I like to use to keep up with these big winds: Weather Underground Gustav

Here's another showing the path models the "smart" weather heads on TV use: Gustav Computer Models

The models started moving more towards Galveston Bay today, but this evening they look like they are moving more to the east into Louisiana again.

Nothing will be consistent for a few days.
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We are in Baton Rouge and watching Gastav very closely. I have been through hurricans before, once was enough. When it gets here it is to late to leave. My reasoning is, if I leave and my house is damaged I can live in the motorhome. When Katrina hit we found a nice camp ground behind the horse arena in West Monroe, La. on the left side of I-20. We plan to make a decision Sat. night and if necessary leave Sunday morning.
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We are in Baton Rouge and have been through Camile, Juan, Andrew, Katrina and Rita and we are staying. Wind, heavy rain and electrical outages will hopefully be the worst for us but make no doubt about it~we take it very seriously. Everyone should make the decision that is best for their family in times of emergency.

At least we have advance warnings for hurricanes where people who live in earthquake and tornado prone areas do not have that luxury.

Good luck to you Darwin and to your family. Travel safely and have a cold beer for us when you get set up and settled in! :cool:
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Here's the best part of that link I gave you before. I use this to get an overall view of things as they are happening. You can adjust lots of the items on there, too. And you don't have to just use it for hurricanes, either. I use it for everything weather.

Weather Underground
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Hey Paul -- better start thinking about pack'n a bag & head'n north. Looks like Ike may be headed your way. :dead: :dead: :dead: :disapprove:
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As of now, I'm thinking it will go in south of us if a high pressure behind Hanna moves west.

If that high stays stationary, it may very well go into LA-MS-AL.

There's a big high pressure area coming down from Canada, too. That will tend to push it south.

I'm crossing my fingers! :clown: