Hurricane Duty, missing you guys

John Harrelson

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Hi folks,
I left home on September 1st to go to the hurricane effected area and help out. I am still here. So far I have been assigned to Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas..

I have seen mother nature at her worst and mankind at it's best..

Today makes 44 days away from home but it's worth it.. These good people in the hurricane destructive area are in complete misery. Most of them have lost everything they had, home, car, food, clothing, medicines,much loved pets and many lost family members..

But the amazing thing is the attitude of the victims,, they are already rebuilding and reconstructing their lives... THEY ARE NOT DEFEATED !!

I was just so homesick for the RV forums that I had to take a moment and say hi to all of you and hopefully will have time to sit down and catch with the latest from the forums later tonight..

Take care and if you are a believer, say a prayer for these people.

take care, John


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Hurricane Duty, missing you guys

Hi John,

Your a "HERO" and the people's lives you touch are lucky to have you around at a time of need. We've missed you here on the forum and hope you make it home soon to your family and loved ones.