Shortly we will be leaving BEAUMONT TX. heading for NEW ORLEANS, some tell me I will not like the road . That it will feel like my 5th wheel hitch will come out of my truck. Is it really that bad?? Is there another route from BEAUMONT with out going miles out of the way?

Hi! Alwarner
My husband and I were in your fine state in Jan & Feb(Brownsville, Mc Allen area) and came back over I-10 to Biloxi it is rough all the way to Florida and boring. I could not find any other hiway to get where I wanted to go. Lots of luck and anchor everything down. Happy Traveling.

And the sad thing is, its been that way for years. I've seen it so bad that a tow vehicle broke loose from its front wheel tow trailer. There was a car on the hiway with doors locked and a little banged up on the front and back. Just sitting on the Ponchtrain (sp?) bridge. A little later we saw an RV that had an empty front wheel trailer. The look on that guys face was priceless when I asked him if there was supposed to be a car back there. It was even bad when I drove it with a truck slide in camper. Bounced all over the road.