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There we go ,, i'm sur Cindy would like a look at that ,, :approve: :approve:
Bty what forum do u run ,, just kinda asking ???? :)

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Hey Guys,

I went through this thread and edited some of your posts so that no one is offended. I don't think that Pug and Alsgram are one in the same but I'm still checking it out. Actually, I was just contacted by another gentleman who saw this thread and said Jim Sadler ripped him off as well and wanted to get in touch with Pug and others who've been scammed by this guy. Pug I emailed you his contact information. Pug good luck - I hope you get your RV back. Next time you think about having a dealer sell your RV please check them out. You can post on here, "hey I'm thinking about having so-in-so sell my RV, what do you guys think?". Also, check the Better Business Bureau website, your local clerk of the courts website to see if they have any old or active cases against them, etc.

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!! :kiss: :kiss: :kiss:


Re: I need your help, fellow RVer's!

Hey thanks Cindy for looking into this ,, and happy Valentines to u too ;) :cool: :)
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They might not see your question here, you need to send them a Private message. Go to their profile by clicking on their name. On the lower left corner of the box, you will see a link to send a Private Message. They will then get an e-mail alerting them to it. Good Luck
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hello there. i am a brand new nubie!.........and i am going to re-open this can of worms to shed some light that i have. i recently retired govt after 26 yrs, but i was not the stereotypical applicant for an rv, although my credit was good. so i took over payments on a sight unseen 2000 monaco dynasty, w/67k miles. drove from california to arlington, tn in november, and picked up the coach from there. the salesman, not jim, over the phone told me the coach had been gone through thoroughly, and it was immaculate and perfect. well, its not, and i feel like it was misrepresented, but i won't go into all that. i received a temporary registration, and was on my way to visit my sister in wilmington, nc, where i have now been for 4 months, and i start back to calyforny on friday. i have never seen any registration. i have emailed 3 different times, with increasing concern, but no joy.

a week ago, i received a letter from the lienholder of the note. a company in south dakota, i believe, and if anybody needs it, i will provide details. they said that "apparently rapid rv is having serious financial issues, and have not forwarded to us your past payments. please submit them in the future directly to us". so not groundbreaking news, but certainly shows there is a serious breach of ethics here, if not legal issues. i certainly will have nothing more to do with them, or jim sadler, and i will contact the lienholder co. and see if i can obtain registration help through them.

the coach has had many issues, but for some reason, i still like it and the lifestyle thus far.............cheers all!............ft


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welcome to the forum ffranktly, sorry to hear about your problem, but it a lesson well learned. There are allot of good people on this forum that will help you out on some of your RV mechanical problems. Most are RV tech's and own their business some own a retail business with a shop and CAN help you out whenever they can .Any problems you have just post a new thread and relate the problem(s). as always enjoy your retirement and rv'ing
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Hello ffranktly, I responded to a forum in here about Jim Sadler a while ago. There are many of us trusting people involved in this (so far in about 10 different states). If you want more info. on this, e-mail me at tusconstructionltd@gmail.com Thanks, and welcome to the forum!
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I am new to this forum/site. I too have been a victim of Rapid Sales, and Jim Sadler. It sounds like a few of you have actually gotten your situation solved. For me it has been quite some time, and I have yet to recieve my money. Please pm me if you have gotten your problem with Jim Sadler and Rapid Sales solved, so that I may seek to be made whole.
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sorry to hear this has happened to so many. im glad we can spread the word and besmirch Sadler's name on this forum. it seems he certainly has earned it!...............frank
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Well, actually, that isn't what we usually do on this forum.

It's normally a lot more fun to solve some of the technical and route problems we RVers have. We can only offer you simpathy with this problem and very little advice on what seems to be a LEGAL issue. If you had asked our opinions on the situation BEFORE you got into it, we may have had something to help you with.

If you just want a bulletin board to broadcast about this evil person, this is really a poor place for that. You would be much better served starting a Yahoo Group called "Jim Sadler" or some such. You will be attacked by all of the big search engines (especially Yahoo's) within 5 days, and his name will be spread worldwide in no time.

Then you will have accomplished both of your aims: spreading the message and having a place to discuss it.
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I have decided to tell my story, regarding Rapid Sales, and Jim Sadler, in hopes that nobody else has to go through anything like it again. Bought Coach at Rapid Sales in November 2006. It wasn't what I had traveled 800 miles to buy, but nonetheless bought one anyway. I was told that when something I wanted came in, I could trade it in and apply the "broker fee" to the next one. In January 2007, I traded the first coach in on another coach, a Newmar Essex 45ft. Within hours of leaving the lot, I was broke down on the side of a desolate road. I phoned Jim Sadler, only to get cussed out, chewed out, and yelled at for calling. (He actually mistook me for another client who purchased a coach on the same day, and had many mechanical issues as well). I hung up the phone, and miraculously, 20 minutes later, the lights on the coach all came on, and it started up again. Parked for the night, and the following day called Sadler to get my Extended Warranty information, as he didn't have it at the time of purchase. Sadler gave me the information, I called, and much to my dismay, it had expired the month previous. (Mind you, I would not have purchased this coach without it). I called the Allison transmission people, got a tech guy, and was on the road again, albeit at 30-40 mph the rest of the way. Called Sadler again, he said that Rapid Sales would take care of the repair, but to go to a Cummins dealer , instead of a Newmar dealer. (He thought it might be under warranty, and not have to pay out of pocket). I dropped it off at the Cummins dealer, 7 days later was told it was fixed. (told it was a loose battery connection...?) Picked coach up, it broke down on the side of the freeway within 40 minutes. (this time had a trooper write a report of the breakdown). Coach got moving again, and I drove to where I was going. Called Cummins and explained that they would have to pick it up in a week, as I was there on a business trip, and needed to get some business done. In the meantime, found a loose battery cable, and after numerous short trips (3-10 miles) decided that it was fixed. Took it out on an overnight, and it broke down comming over a bridge, and coasted to a stop in a seedy part of town. After waiting 8 hours for a tow, it went to the Cummins dealer again, and I and my family (wife and 3 year old) went to a hotel. Forward 3 weeks later, I get a call back from Cummins that it is fixed, this time it was a connection. I spoke to Rapid Sales and Jim Sadler, and explained that after the history of the breakdowns, their response, and the lack of warranty, not only did I not want the coach, but my money back. Sadler asked if I could call Cummins, and allow them to release the coach to his firm. I stated that I wanted my money back PRIOR to releasing the coach. He said he had a driver 400 miles north, and that the driver didn't have a check on him. I explained that I bank at a bank located 1/4 mile from his location, and that he could make a deposit, and I would release the coach, as long as I had the first one back. He said "he didn't do business like that" and that "he wasn't going to jack with me." I replied that I would think about it and get back to him in the morning. Next morning, I call the Cummins dealership, and get a voice mail for the service writer, I leave a message stating that they should not release the coach, until I let them know I have recieved my funds or a suitable agreement as such. 20 minutes later, I get a call from the same service writer, saying, "the guy from Rapid Sales picked up your coach late last night, said they were paying for the repair and that it was their coach. Called Sadler, he said to stop by on my way back home, and that he would give me my money and the other coach, and hung up. I still had 2 weeks in this other state, and after 14 more days in a hotel, was sent home (via air) for an emergency. After returning home, going through the extensive mail in my abscense, I find a letter from Rapid Sales and Jim Sadler, dated a few days after him stealing the coach, (without a check mind you) stating that if I hadn't picked up the coach in 2 weeks, he was calling it abandonment and I'd lose all. I sent a documented letter back, requesting my funds. A month later, I went through an illness that rendered me bed ridden for months. Towards the end of Fall, I started to pursue this issue again, only to be ignored. A few weeks ago, I sent 2 letters to Rapid Sales in both the Arlington, TN location, and one that was forwarded to their Florida location, demanding my money. I have not heard from anyone either via phone, mail or email. I have since gotten counsel, and will be seeking my day in court, and taking other remedies available in this country.

To sum it up:
Sold me 1 coach (took money)
Traded 1st, Sold me second (took money and coach)
Coach broke down. (Greif and Money)
Warranty expired prior to my purchase. (Greif)
Almost a month in hotel. (Lots of money)
Stole Coach (Took money)
Won't return money or 1st coach.

Will keep you all posted as things progress.