If you have the vehicle, do you decide to buy the backup camera system for safety?


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I heard people who own RV said they in generally buy the backup camera system to avoid happening of lots of disasters, Therefore, i am a little passioned, Because I am also going to purchase one RV for traveling, i wanna know the camera system whether could it really help us keep safety? If you have used the system, could you please recommend which one system is the better than others, do you like your back up camera system?


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My vehicle doesn’t have such a camera, but I have driven several vehicles which do. Particularly in an unfamiliar vehicle, the reversing camera is very good for parking.

Al mccord

I have a camera that came with my truck. Also installed after market system on truck & 5th wheel. One that you can look at South anytime. Got mine from Tadi brothers. Works well & easy to install.


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I have backup cameras on both my RVs and got both of them from Tadibrothers. I have my cameras on all the time so they act like a rearview mirror, after you use them for a while you will never want to be without them, they are way safer than trying to guess what's going on behind you.

I'm using the rearview safety backup camera system. I like my RV backup camera system.


This is possibly one of the best rearview cameras you can buy, other than a factory-installed unit. It was very easy to install. Instructions for making it work whenever the ignition is on were very clear.

Mounting was a simple task. The monitor came with a very robust stick-on mount. The monitor can be adjusted and locked into position depending on the user. The camera was installed after I made a small metal bracket to bolt it to the cab on the tractor. The image on the monitor is clear, the image doesn't "flicker".

The only issue I had was my fault. I did not get the ground wire tight enough on the frame. Once I identified the problem, the self-tapping screw was tightened appropriately and the camera/monitor fired right up.

I would recommend this for any large vehicle and/or tractor.