If you're ever near Scott, LA.....

You really, really, need to stop and get off at Scott, LA and eat at Fezzo's restaurant at 537 Apollo Road. Talk about your excellent food! Excellent cajun eats at great prices. Seriously, if you are traveling on I10 just past Lafayette and see exit 93 at Scott, LA, be sure and get off and go to Fezzo's to eat. They are friendly and the most important, they have great food.


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If you're ever near Scott, LA.....

I completely agree with you it is a great place.javascript:insertsmilie(' :) ')
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If you're ever near Scott, LA.....

There specialty appears to be crawfish by the pound. You can get 3 lb for $13.99 which comes with a potato and an ear of corn. They bring it out in a steaming plastic box shaped like a shoe box with lemons on top. Peel and eat! While we were there to eat we saw at least 54 pounds gone through by other customers. My husband said last night he was thinking about us going the same route back just so he could order up somoe of those crawfish, lol.

Another great place we have found is in Port Lavaca. Bayside Seafood has a lot of items to choose from and their prices are great too! If you happen to be on Route 35 going south through Port Lavaca just look to your right and you'll see it as soon as you hit town. Yum!


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If you're ever near Scott, LA.....

Snowbird, If you really like the crawfish stop at SteamBoat Bills in Lake Charles. There is one on I10 across from what's left of Harrahs and another in town off exit 14. If you come back north on 35,hit a Baytown Seafood restaurant. There is one in Van Valeck and another in West Columbia.