I'm Baaaack


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Hello everyone,
As you can see I returned due to responses I recieved at work and heck I won't lie, its fun. My typing may be bad on the responses but that is because it has taken over 2 hours to catch-up LOL.
I would also like to ask transrand to please start his own post since even though you have given good advise, I am not 100 % agreeing with all your answers but please feel free to start up your own post.It sounds like you have some years under your belt and we probably know each other from the Allison First Line meetings! And folks, thank you for the great questions and keeping me on my toes!I really enjoy calls and e-mails to work from all across not only the USA but across the world. Please keep em coming! Thanks and have a great day! :)


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I'm Baaaack

Welcome back,
I owne the 2500HD with the allison trans. haven't had any problems since I only have 6000 miles.
Good Luck and keep up the good job.


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I'm Baaaack

Hi Allisonman. I just had a big problem. Discovered my transmission cooler spring a leak between the ethanol-glycol and transmission fluid. Transmission fluid turned into sludge and the B-solinoid started producing all sorts of error codes. The transmission filled up with coolant. Got stranded and the Allison service center says I need a new transmission or rebuild. Transmission has 70,000 miles on it. I was wondering what you thought, and is there any considerations other than price wether I rebuild mine or replace with a rebuild? If you could instant message me on my phone with your phone number so we can talk on AOL at Paul02043 (my screen name for AIM). Thanks!


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I'm Baaaack

allisonman I have a 545 Allison mechanical transmisson, it shifts only at 2300 no less,it is behinda 5.9 cummins and I want it to shift at 1500.I have a mechanical modulator and a mechanical modulator and it does not make any difference. What can I do?


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I'm Baaaack

Welcome back!

I am the guy with the 8.3 cummings 250 and 3060 Allison that downshifts really hard (sometimes).

You mentioned batteries - but about 2 months ago I replaced all 4 batteries and the jumpers and wire brushed the terminals really well.

It shifted down really hard the first 100 miles (it sat over a year) - then gradually got better.

Now - after about 1400 miles it shifts from 4th to 3rd and also 3rd to 2nd (sometimes - not every time) really hard.

Someone mentioned it could be the TPC - whatever that is. I am willing to check anything out.

Your words of wisedom would be welcomed.

The unit is a real pleasure to drive - although I would like about 300 hp instead of 250.

Bill & Judy

1993 Gulfstream Tourmaster
Getting ready to go full time in a few months.