I'm back....


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Hi all.
Not that you would have noticed, but I had been sick so not online for awhile but I'm on the mend.
How's everyone doing? anything new and exciting here? Just a few more months till the DH and I take over our new Winnebago...Yippee! We are so excited and have been reading up on everything we can. We got Peggi Mac Donald's book on Rving in the 21st Century. We're reading everything we can.

C Nash

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Re: I'm back....

Helen, great to see you back and glad that you are on the mend. Sound like you will be ready to hit the road come spring. Keep us posted on the new Winnebago. welcome back :)


Re: I'm back....

Welcome back Helen ,, u didn't miss much around here form these guy's ,, but i think we need more septic safe stuff from u ,, just kidding around :clown: welcome back and post away :cool: :) :)