Inexpensive but good quality

[Stevet] I am trying to buy a new Class A motorhome but can&#039t figure out which one. We are new to this and would like to get something entry level. I see that several companies like Thor (Hurricane), and Damon have entry level models but my research shows that they are of poor quality. What is the best bang for my dollar? I don&#039t want to spend more than $55,000 but I want some thing loaded that will last for 8-10 years without being in the shop for 6 months a year....Thanks
Inexpensive but good quality

[David] I have been very pleased with my used 1994 37J Pace Arrow. If you are interested in the used route in my opinon that is the most bang for the buck. It&#039s definately a buyer beware purchase, but if someone won&#039t allow you to test every thing yourself or take it to a motorhome repair facility for inspection, then you probably don&#039t want to buy that one. My motor home cost $95,000 new and NADA booked for $48,000 when I bought it, but I only paid $37,000 to an individual. It was only four years old with 42,000 miles on the engine. I think that is bang for the buck. Good luck.
Inexpensive but good quality

[Jim M] Hi Steve: I own a Winnebago, and can attest to the quality, but can&#039t honestly claim that they offer good "bang for the buck". I am a little shy of Fleetwood products because of spotty reports that I have seen regarding support. When I was shopping, I remember being very impressed with National RV products--they have an excellent reputation for providing a lot of quality and features for the money. Dolphin and Tradewinds come to mind as two of their many offerings. I agree with you on the Thor and Damon brands. Tiffin (Allegro) has an excellent reputation for support, but I doubt that they offer big bang for the buck.
Inexpensive but good quality

[David] I agree with Jim about the Allegro&#039s. I used a 1984 Allegro for five years. Allegro is a well made coach. The only reason I sold it was the size. Mine was only 23ft long just to small for comfort. One advantage however was I didn&#039t need a tow.
Inexpensive but good quality

[MARK C] Stay away from any Fleetwood products----- in the 50k range you could look at the winnie brave class a 29 foot model
Stouts rv has them for 51 k i belive well loaded
hope that helps

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