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Hi everyone, just a quick question for you. My wife and I recently purchased a Class C motorhome and something crossed our mind. We have aspirations of a big family, but for now it is just us and our 8 month old daughter. We're curious what is the best way to travel with her in the RV? There doesn't seem to be a good place for a carseat, but we're not even sure if that is what everyone else does. I really appreciate your thoughts.


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Car seats are required for infants and most states require seat belts for all passengers up to 11.

I have a 32' Class C that has belts for 8 but only have two places an infant could go because of the rear facing seat requirement:
1) the dinette and I would need to lower the table to get the car seat to fit.
2) I have a swivel chair that can be rotated to be forward facing.

The passenger seat has a airbag
The couch are all side facing

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I would have to agree with the above, you need to use a forward facing or rear facing seat. The side facing couch would not work.