info needed on class a purchase

info needed on class a purchase

this info here is invaluable. thanks to you all that have helped to steer me in the right direction for my new purchase. now to just find the right one .
thanks again
info needed on class a purchase

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Hi, we are thinking of buying a used class a ,something in the 1989 to 1993 years in the 30 ft range. Ive looked at a lot but am confused as to why the sides are coming loose. the salesmen say its normal and nothing to worrie about. is this true. Is there a used class a that dont have the delaminnation problem. we cant afford new and we have only 15000 to spend .
thanks, any info would be helpful
info needed on class a purchase

I have worked in the RV business for the last 10 years and would say that the salesperson used a bad choice of words. Delamination is common in those years but is not necessarily normal. It is also not typicall caused by leaks. It is usually caused by the glue letting loose between the thin layer of fiberglass and the luan board it is attached to. It is not structural damage, it is just ugly. If an RV has water damage there will be more than the bubbles in the wall, there will typically be soft spots that are sometimes visible from the inside ie in cabinets. There are nice motorhomes out there in your price range, you just have to keep an eye out. I also would encourage you to check out dealers lots. They take these in at wholesale, an a lot of times will not make as much profit as you think. I am not too impressed with the private party market as they tend to be asking as much or more than dealers and there is no one to back it up once you buy.
info needed on class a purchase

Predjuice because I own one, but if you check out the Foretravels in the 1980 to 1985 range, ine the 31 to 33 foot range you will be surprised at the quality and anementies they have.
info needed on class a purchase

Just thought I would weigh in on this line of conversation. I agree with nearly everyone offering thoughts and suggestions. You simply cannot expect a home on wheels - regardless of quality of construction - to not have some sort of problem.

From my experience it is really easy to spot a used motorhome that has been lovingly cared for over and above one that has just been driven and parked.

I did look at PPL in Houston Texas and thought that they were offering used units of various makes and sizes at a fair price. Of course - negotations is the rule rather than the exception.

I found the unit I was looking for - a 1993 Gulfstream Tourmaster - 39 ft - at Motor Home Specialists just south of Fort Worth. The people there treated us like king and queen. The service manager who performed the inspection I cannot say as much for - just suggest that you DO NOT have the coach inspected (have someone else go do it for you - or better yet go there yourself and do it).

My unit was priced at what I felt was a fair price - but just for the heck of it we ovvered them $10,000 less on a cash take it or leave it basis. The owner took it and the rest is history.

If anyone wishes to view our unit - visit the thread under "let the fun begin" - and scroll to the bottom of the page. There are 2 photos there - thanks to the help of another well seasoned and helpful member.

Just remember - do not expect a trouble free unit - the attitude that you have just acquired a new "Hobby" - would serve you wellin this endeavor.