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When you dump, make sure that both your black and gray tanks are over 1/2 full. If not, add water until they are. Then dump the black tank, and flush it until the water runs clear. Then dump the gray tank, which will clean any remaining sewage out of the system. Do this and there should be no need to rinse the hoses. Yes, it is best to store them in a container of some kind, best is a piece of PVC pipe with vent holes. If you have a hollow square bumper on the back, that is often used to store the hose. Or a plastic bin. Basicall, anything which it will fit into, keep drips from escaping and is vented to allow drying will work. I would not trust garbage bags to keep them in.

The 50 to 30 adapter is good, so is a 15 to 30 adapter.

DL, where'd you find that 30 to 20 adapter? I couldn't find one, so ended up making one.

In water hoses, 25' is a good length. I also use 4' and 10' along with a handfull of brass 90 and 45 degree fittings. This 39' will handle most campgrounds, and I carry 50' of flat hose on a reel for non-standard stays. Make sure you get 'drinking water certified hose' because most hoses these days are made with harmful chemicals.

Carry plenty of coax; the cable tv jacks are sometimes in strange locations. I started with 25' and that wasn't enough, then went to 2 x 25' and still ran into an insufficient cable situation. Now I carry 25' and 50' and so far that seems to be enough (plus the adapter to fasten them together) I've gone to a push on fitting for the cable source, since screwing the fitting onto those old, battered, dirty fittings can be annoying.

Most laws restricting open beverage containers in vehicles specifically exempt the 'living' space of a motorhome. And as for letting them in? Not hardly. It is a home and no searches with warrents are allowed.


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John I got my 30-20 amp adapter at Wall Mart. I think it was in price range of $3.00 no sure. I got a 50-30 amp adapter when I bought the MH. I also have 2 -25' white water hose plus an extra one for washing out the tank from the toilet if it ever gets stopped up. but we use plenty of water no problem yet.

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John, the adaptor may be a 30 to 15/20 I'm not sure. I bought it years ago. I use it to check the wiring at the RV park shore power 30 amp connection. I have a little yellow 15/20 amp continuity/polarity/ground checker plugged into the 30-20 adaptor. I have found a few RV parks with faulty wiring in them. Not too many recently. Some of the older run down parks used to have crappy wiring. :eek:


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Many thanks to all of you again. ....find myself coming back often and just realized that i'd forgotten to pick up the the Y hose connection:) been busy packing the Winnie....trying to keep the weight distributed yet everything in proximity to the area used. Friday morning after the rush hour(s) my wife....two kids(dogs), and i will head south. we're all excited! have been reading the manual and will read some more hopefully before departure. as much as i'd like to spend more time with it....there's too much yard work that needs attention as well. Next week, i'm supposed to bring it back to the dealer so they can repair a few minor things. one thing i find quite irritating is that someone "misplaced" one set of keys at the dealer. ....i hate using copies! they also misplaced two pillows that were in the rig when we viewed it together. you can bet your life that all of my compartments will be LOCKED when i bring it in. had to order to special blanks and must order another special key to open the hood. must be my age.....but this "hiccup" was really aggravating for me. am thinking that the autoformer and voltmeter gizmo would be very worthwhile to invest in. i'm a lousy mechanic and plumber.... got my duct tape but can't find my vice grips:) ....but i will do everything carefully as i can. oops....gotta take the kids out and let them do their business.

happy trails...Bud