Installing inverter in class c to power up outlets

Mark Allen

Junior Member
I have a 2007 class c with an Owen generator that has to be plugged into a 30 amp outlet in the electric compartment. Can I use the generator outlet to plug the inverter into that 30 amp outlet and use it to power the outlets through out the motorhome. Note I am reading things about the converter under the bed, Can I flip the breaker for the converter? and flip off the house battery to accomplish this task?

Any help is greatly appreciated
Thank you

C Nash

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Not fullyundrstsnding your problem Mark. Do you have a inverter. Dont know what you plan on runing off the inverter, The inverter works of the batteries and will not power to many appliances very long IMO. If you are talking converter it only converts 120 to 12 volts. Inverter 12 volts to 120. Dont take any of my advice here cause I am confused LOL Welcome to the forum and hopeful one of the better electrical knowledge can share help


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Hi Mark and welcome to the RVUSA Forum. If I am understanding you correctly, you have a rig like mine. There is a 30 am power cord that plugs into a 30 amp outlet in one of the rear compartments. The outlet is connected to your generator. To use the generator you plug into it - to use shore power, you unplug from the internal outlet and plug into the shore power pole. Some people have a automatic transfer switch to do this, so they don't have to manually change the connection from generator to shore power. You shouldn't have to flip any breakers on the convertor under the bed. When you are plugged into the generator outlet in the storage compartment, the generator will provide 120 volt AC to the convertor, which will then power all you 120 volt outlets in the motorhome and convert the 120 to 12 volt DC to charge your coach batteries and run any 12 volt items (usually lights) in the coach. Hope this helps and didn't confuse you too much. Post back if you have more questions.