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C Nash

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Received a letter the other day from GS saying that I was probably paying to much and they could save me probably 300 bucks if i would give them a call. Also said they would give a 6 month free Camp Club membership just for checking. I said what the heck insurance is due anyway so give them a call. For the same coverage but no declining deductable for no claims they were 506 dollars HIGHER:eek: . They asked why I was calling and I told them because they said in the letter they could save me money. He asked how much higher they were and when I told him he thanked me for calling. Recond I'll get the free 6 months Camp Club Membership:laugh::question:


RE: Insurance price

I wouldn't bet u'r next trip on it :laugh: :laugh:
I got kinda the same thing since i blong to GS :(
But i have read in other forums that it's kinda like a racket for them to claim all this stuff and then either be to high or not provide the service they say,,,
Hey it only cost me 19.00 a yr ,, but i am thinking about switching to FMCA they are higher per year but they offer alot more (if they do what they say ;) )


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Re: Insurance price

Thats the trouble with Chelse always wants sumfink for nuffink, :) any way how yall, where can I get some information on GMC 4500,been in to their web site and there is no real info just prity pictures,I'm looking for technical info, also any feed back on the 4500 If any one can help (spechally chelse) Ill give a year's free membership to the ccc, but your dad's got to come with you to sign in fair or what ? :laugh: :laugh: