Insurance question


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I own a '98, class A, 33ft. gasoline motorhome valued at $48,000 and currently have insurance coverage ($500/250/100 etc.)with Progressive, however they have notified me that my premium next year will be increased substantially. In getting quotes on the net the best price seems to be from Ins. of North America (INA) which is $573/yr.
I would appreciate any comments, good or bad, about INA. Also, any suggestions about any other insurance companies to consider.
Thanks, Pat
Insurance question

I own a 2002 Southwind 37U which was valued at $114,000.00 new and now I am told blue books for around $67,000.00. Tried to refinance it at one of the companies that advertise in the mags and they told me they would do it if I came up with $20,000.00 cash. Yea, Right!
Anyway, I ran into the same thing with Progressive. I had full coverage, including the total loss replacement which was supposed to be free, for $1,200.00 a year. I do not full time but I changed it to full timers insurance. The next year I got a premium notice for $1,700.00. I called Progressive and they informed me that the increase was do to 9/11.

I went to Farm Bureau and covered it with better coverage at less deductible for $636.00 a year. And Farm Bureau is rated very high among insurance companies for quick response. The only thing I didn't get was the so called free replacement option.

I may check out the insurance you mentioned to see if they are as good as Farm Bureau. You could call the insurance commission in your state. They are supposed to regulate the insurance industry but I get the feeling the insurance companies appoint the members of the commission. I have never heard of them turning down a request for a rate increase. It is wise to shop.

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Insurance question

We have Progessive for our Montana 5th wheel, purchase price of $45,000 and the first year was $440, but had an incident so next year went up to $640. We have full replacement coverage also. We did not have a problem with them fixing the damage we had, very prompt service.
Insurance question

Yea, trailer insurance is quite a bit cheaper. I owned a 32' Holiday Rambler TT before I bought the motorhome. I don't think the insurance on it was ever more than $400.00 a year. Motorhomes are a lot higher and, if you full-time, it is even higher. But I really don't buy the 9/11 excuse for raising insurance rates 30 to 40%. How come the Insurance Executives need to be paid millions of dollars every year? And don't tell me that is just business, that is just greed.


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Insurance question

I have Farm Bureau and the prem is very resonable, but I get a discount because I have my autos, homeowners and boat insurance with them also.