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I'm wondering if anyone has had experience with American Guardian Warranty Services of Glen Ellyn, Illinois. We're considering buying a coach protection plan (against breakdown, etc.) from this company, and we wonder if your experiences have been good or bad.

Thanks for your help.


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While I have no experience with American Guardian, I do have some knowledge of extended warranties. First of all is the fact that these so called warranties are the cause of nearly half of all complaints that are filed in the RV industry. Second, read the entire contract and realize that the only things that they will pay for at those that are listed in the contract. Not one thing more. And pay close attention to what you must do to be covered as well as how to get the OK for repairs. Look at how the company pays the bill and also talk with several RV repair shops to see what they think of the company. The best contract is no good if the shops will not work with it. Also, realize that while there is a very wide price range in these contracts, that is partly because there is also a very wide range in what is covered, and how big the deductable is. The lowest priced contract is probably the worst buy. There is no such thing as "bumper to bumper" coverage. Keep in mind that what you are actually buying is a health insurance policy on the RV and that is really a product for peace of mind rather than a warranty. Most of us would actually be money ahead if we took the money that a contract would cost and put it into an interest bearing account and use it to pay the repair bills. But it is a gamble, just as health insurance is. Those contracts are a major source of income for both the selling dealer and for the company that writes them. They can be worth the price if you happen to have a lot of repairs. But most of them loose money. If that were not the case, the companies would not make money, which is the reason those companies exist, as with all companies. If they will not allow you to take a blank copy of the contract home to read at leisure, then I would not buy it.

Kirk, good info.
You will find lots of complaints about any of these services on most any bulletin board. YES, someone somewhere did buy one and saved millions of dollars in repairs and everything was handled with absolutely no probolems what so ever. Believe me this is one in a million.
They don't sell these things to lose money. Most people that buy them will admit to never using them or that the repair wasn't covered. When they do cover something it is usually worthwhile (if you dot all the i's and cross all the t's when requesting coverage).
It might sound like I have sour grapes when in fact I have never bought this type of coverage. From the research I have done (fair amount of it) most people are not happy or have never used it. That tells me I probably don't need it.
It all boils down to risk, reward, and piece of mind. How much do you want to pay, what are the changes of getting your money back (or more) and is it worth the piece of mind to have the paper in the glove box saying you might get reimbursed if the exact coverage is listed (as mentioned by Kirk).
Whatever you decide....Good Luck and to be honest if you do buy one I hope you never need to use it (means things are going along just great).

I purchased an extented warranty for my Motor Home from them about a year ago. On a trip across country, I had a mechanical breakdown in "nowhere" East Texas. Got to a repair facility and contacted the claims guy at AG. Four days later the repair facility got an acknowledgment of coverage and an authorization number to proceed with the repair. Three days after that, I am informed by the repair facility that AG will only pay for a portion of the cost of repair and that I will have to come up with about $700 out of my pocket to get the vehicle released. I called the manager at AG and asked what was going on. Basically, he told me take it or leave it, that's the way it's going to be. I paid over $2500 out of my own pocket and 30 days ago filed my claim for reimbursement with AG. So far, all I have is a receipt for certified mail and an empty wallet!

under no circumstances do you want an extended warranty from AG
they will not pay the repairs by credit card and there fore most companies will not repair your automobile. AG changes the terms every year they are a rip off

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Just read an article in a magzine where a rver had purchased an extended warranty on his MH and the transmission went out. They turned in the claim for $2,811.04 which was denied because, now get this, he had exceded his ENGINE oil change by 903 miles. :eek: They told him this voided all his warranty :( I agree with Kirk, put the money back for repairs :approve: He had paid$1,295 for the extended warranty :disapprove:

I would NEVER buy a warranty from American Guardian Warranty again. THEY ARE A TOTAL RIPOFF in my opinion. They will do anything not to pay a claim. I have had to sue them (their agent) twice and both times they paid and it never went to court. They make processing a claim very difficult.

They say you can take your vehicle to any dealer, but then they argue about shop rates, and part prices and don't pay the full amount. They almost NEVER return phone calls, and put you on hold a very long time when trying to get info on a claim. I put in a claim for travel expenses on a covered breakdown and they denied the claim saying I lived in the city of the breakdown. Their computer mysteriously switched my address to the "new city". This happened TWICE! Then to keep me from pursusing the matter they said they would sue me for FRAUD! I could NOT believe it. After submitting 54 reasons documenting my residence including my TAX RETURNS, property tax bill, childrens school transcripts, etc. they still ignored my request.

Although I have had some claims paid by them, it has NOT been worth it. I paid over $2,500 for my Warranty Agreement. I had a dealer tell me to not come back if I was using the warranty as they said it was not worth their time dealing with American Guardian Warranty.

Note: The average time it took for me to get my car repaired was over 1 week, due to the "red tape" put forth by American Guardian Warranty, which included inspections, lack of return phone calls, delayed payment, delayed approval etc.

Make sure to check what warranty you are getting, as many "agents" sell warrantys that are backed by "American Guardian Warranty".


(note if you search on the net you will find story after story of problems with American Guardian Warranty, I wished I had done my homework first)