internet access while on the road


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I need internet access while traveling in my Airstreem.I think I should use a satelite dish for speed I think . Which company is the best ? or should I use my cell phone ?
Can anyone acvise me ?
internet access while on the road

I have used Verizon for the last five years. I use my cell as a modem.
It works for messages but is to slow for searches. Verizons National One Rate plan does not have any roaming or any other charges other than time used. I have used it in Canada ($10 addition month charge) and Alaska. You fo however have to be in a digital Verizon coverage ares for the net usage


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internet access while on the road

You can either go with the on roof dish from Data Storm or there are now several dealers who seel a portable dish on a tripod for about 1/2 of the price of the roof mount. The roof mounts are easiest to use and can can be up and operating in just minutes at any stop, while the portables take 15 to 20 minutes to set up. But the portables cost about $1500 while the roof mount will cost you about $4500. Monthly rates are about $60. If you want to check out the portables, this is a link to one of the dealers.
internet access while on the road

We have been using an ISP called for more than a year with very good results. is very reasonable ( $99.00/year) and have local phone numbers everywhere that we have been.

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internet access while on the road

quote:Originally posted by Rich

I need internet access while traveling in my Airstreem.I think I should use a satelite dish for speed I think . Which company is the best ? or should I use my cell phone ?
Can anyone acvise me ?

I suggest getting a laptop with wireless capability. Most that are sold today are such, and older laptops can easily be equipped with one via the PC Card slot.

Then look for places to stop where wireless access (often called "Wi-Fi") is provided. Many places will offer this for free. Many RV parks are adding it as an amenity. Many motels now offer it if you need to stay on a motel for some reason. Check the RV park listings, call them and ask, etc. If enough folks ask for the wi-fi access, the RV parks will provide it.

One place I routinely stop for coffee or an occasional sandwich is the many Panera Bread locations (look them up on the 'net). Their corporate policy is to offer free wi-fi access in all of their locations. Panera Bread is mostly eastern half of the U.S., but are expanding. (As an example: I was recently in Sioux City, Iowa, and found a brand new PB that wasn't even yet listed in the local phone book. They had Wi-Fi access. Not sure the folks running the place even knew about it!:) )

You'll also find for-pay access in many other places, and in an emergency you can ususally get a few hours access for just a few dollars. As an example, I recently was traveling in my car and had a slow leak in a tire. New car and wanted to take it to a dealer. I needed to find a Mazda dealer in a strange city. I stopped at a Flying J and logged on from my car in the parking lot. Paid $2.95 for an hour of access, enough to locate the dealers in the next city, get their telephone numbers and a map to their location. (BTW: I bought a Mazda3 as a toad. Great little car.)

You can go out on the 'net and Google for "free Wi-Fi" or similar and get a lot of information.

I wish the RV campground listing services would start listing the availability of wi-fi at the RV parks they list. Would help us all a LOT.


Bill Lee

PS: I have used wi-fi on my laptop all over the U.S. as well as on several trips to Europe. It's great being "close to home" no matter where you are!
internet access while on the road

I couldn't have said it any better than Bill Lee's reponse. Wireless access is the key.

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internet access while on the road

Even we've gotten fond of Wi-Fi! We both have our own personal computers with wi-fi and just love it. Our only wish is that our campground would provide the wi-fi -- but it's the server company that's putting it off. Grrr -- so, instead, we go to a small coffeeshop in town that has wi-fi with a payment plan. Not too bad, but it is not quite the same from being able to do it from your rig. :laugh:
It is the way to go and it is worth the time and effort. You can even put in a regular desktop in your rig and hook up to wi-fi at the campground (one of our neighbors does it).
Good luck and happy surfing! :shy:
internet access while on the road

Hi, I am RAUL, Owner of We Operate and are ISP's of Over 30 WIFI Campgounds in the USA Apart of a Network of WIFI ZONES. ALSO We are the ORIGINAL PORTASAT MANUFACTURES. A tripod Mounted Satellite System with over 1100 Customers todate!

The BEST And MOST Effective way to Have INTERNET ANYWHERE, ALL THE TIME is through Transportable Satellite. I have Written a Post on this Forum, "SATELLITE FACTS AND FICTIONS" Posted today. Please see this Post.

Being a Fellow Full timer, An Avid Internet user, and Traveling Dealer of DATASTORM, And Transportable Satellite Internet, as Well as an WISP. Please feel free to Email me for Questions, or comment regarding Internet on the road, WIFI or Our PORTASAT (THE ORIGINAL PORTASAT) Our setup is TOTALLY TOOL LESS in Setup, Affordable, and Customer support driven. :)

Please see our website for more information We are available for Questions Comments All the time. And Welcome All Comments Questions you May Have. You Can Count on straight up Honest answers.

internet access while on the road

"Over 30 WIFI Campgounds in the USA Apart of a Network of WIFI ZONES"

Where are these parks? Where can I find them?


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internet access while on the road

There is now a much better answer than DirecWay if you wish to have a portable dish mounted on a tripod that you move with you for internet access. Check out, for Starband, the only company that has authorized dealers to sell a dish that is mounted on a tripod to be moved by the user. We got one from RV Sat Link and have now been using it for three months and love it! Starband trains the user as an installer and then authorized him to use the Starband tech center when setting up and to call their tech support folks if you have a problem. If you buy one of the systems from DustyFoot or another DirecWay dealer, when you have a problem you will just be on your own!
internet access while on the road

There is NO one best way to have internet communications on the road. It will all depend on your daily needs and your daily location and travel routes.

If you have WiFi you will have to stay in a metro type area or a city, town, campground or RV park that offers the WiFi Service. Maybe you don't want to be in that environment at certain times.

If you use a cellular phone, you better do your homework, as many places you may travel may not support the cellular service you currently have or sign up for later. Some areas are still on ANALOG and if you go there, you better have an analog solution or you will be out of luck. You can use two different data speeds depending on your phone capability and how much you pay for access. Higher speeds are in the works but will probably only be available in metro areas in the near future. Your phone better support an external antenna and external power and external data cable at the SAME time.

If you go with either Direcway or Starband, you better be a little "techie" as setting it up is not for wimps and you will need a place to store ALL of the needed equipment. Of course if you can afford it, the Motosat is probably the best overall answer as it is "push and play".

You may find that your needs can be satisfied with just an telephone hookup at your favorite park (if you stay in parks) and it will be next to the cheapest.

The cheapest is to go over to your neighbor and suck data off of HIS system if he will let you do it. Maybe he will, if you provide some SERVICE of some kind to him. Works for some.

Whatever you do, you will probably want ALTERNATIVE ISP's and alternative email addresses. I use POBOX.COM for my remailing and ACCESS-4-FREE.COM for one of my alternate ISP's. Usually more is better. You might want to check out WWW.UREACH.COM for your emergency situations and your personal 800 contact number to save your cell phone minutes and also to prevent abuse. Ureach also allows you to do faxes, access your data and system from a pay phone and other benefits. I find it a real blessing and it is cheap.

I suggest that the first thing you probably want to do is sign up for YahooGroups at and then search on RVing topics.
Two groups that are mandatory if you don't want to screw up, are:
Both of these groups provide pretty unbiased info and good direction for the newbie or the experienced full timer.

Joining ESCAPEES.COM for a year or two is probably a investment for full or 3/4 timers. If you have a motorhome, FMCA.COM is wise money spent for a year or two also.

Remember, anyone with a monetary interest in RVing has THEIR best interests in mind, so evaluate everything, research everything BEFORE you spend your money, so we won't be kept awake by your crying and whinning if you DIDN'T.

Then make a careful purchase
internet access while on the road

We've just completed our first "real" trip (five weeks) from south alabama to nevada. Purchased a laptop, equipped with wireless and loved it! Found many campgrounds along the way (none of which were in metropolitan areas!) with wi-fi accessability. Many of those which weren't had phone availability, so I connected that way. If neither were available, we stopped at either libraries or suprisingly enough, Holiday Inn Express, where they were gracious enough to let us use their wi-fi accessability in their lobby with our laptop! As mentioned, many truck stops and many rest areas in the south west also have wi-fi. The service was free in every campground but one, and that one charged $2.00. Not bad.