Internet service in route???

We will be in a Class A, and unable to pull in to McD's for free wifi. Would like to know what is available when driving, as the parks we will be staying in do provide wifi. Thanks a lot!!!
Went with the jet pack for a trip to NC.When I got there it would not receive a signal.When I returned it the person stated that I probly was in the woods.I was on the understanding that this was why I used it.And I was not in the woods.Anyhow it cost 35.00 to return it and much headache since then as Verizon says that I still have it,seems the clerk didn't take it off my bill.Talk to them is like hitting a brick wall.Good luke


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Do you have smart phones? If yes you can turn the phone into a hotspot with AT&T. AT&T has a bit less coverage than Verizon but unless you are way away in the boodocks you should be fine. Plus you can add or take off the service as needed. Just check with a AT&T service center.



I use the internet in motion ,, it is set up lik ur home pc ,, u use a modem and atennas on the roof,, but u also use the wireless card from ur cell phone provider ,, i have used it many times ,, not found a place it will not connect ,, i guess it is due to the atennas u hvae to install on the roof ,, but jmo :)
Verizon Jetpack works for us. There aren't many places that we've been and not had coverage. The terrain and location of the towers has a great deal to do with reception.

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Aliceaustin;n125395 said:
Can I access Verizon product if I am with AT&T?
And thank you for your responses!
Yes, you do not have to have a Verizon phone to buy a Verizon data plan.

Regarding WiFi at campgrounds. Many of us have found that decent service is spotty at best in RV parks, so you may find that what you have at the RV park may not be usable.