Introducing a dog dedicated campground


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I know this topic might not be of interest to all of you, but considering that about 50% of all pet owners go camping (most of them with dogs) I have decided to share the following information with you because this is soooo exciting.
I just checked some of my daily emails and discovered a dog website that posted a message about a couple who are currently building the first and only dog campground in the US.
After visiting their website and registering for the free weekend give-away, I thought I should share this info with the world.
The campground is named “Four Paws Kingdom” and it’s scheduled to open in May of 2004 and like I said you can register for a free weekend vacation or fill out a response form for ideas and suggestions.
That's all I wanted to tell you about.

Oh I almost forgot the website is: or
Tom Vance owned by Doobie (a three year old Golden Retriever)