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Need your help. I have been a Ford owner for several years (have not considered other brands); due to recent issues with Ford warranty repairs I am looking at changing brands.

My current vehicle is 2016 Ford F350 Platinum, DRW Diesel.

I will be replacing it with another DRW Diesel (2020 model). I tow a 40’ 5th wheel camper that’s around 17,000 lbs.

GM and Dodge owners how are your vehicles treating you, reliability, warranty issues, comfort, ride, fuel economy, etc.?

As you can see from below, I have had far more problems than normal. So a manufacture that stands behind their customers (without a knife) is of great importance.

I believe the most recent repair has made the vehicle unsafe. The engine ingested app. 2 gallons of engine coolant. Ford authorized replacement of both heads and turbo, but they did not allow dealership to inspect block, pistons, rings, rods, mains, etc. for distortion or cracks.

I will be towing through the mountains. I’m not going to risk my family’s lives. If this engine BLOWS you could have a run-away vehicle.

I purchased my 2016 in Sep. 2016, since then it has been in for repairs approximately 196 days.

-Engine times 2. (1st time they replaced short block and 1 head, 2nd time both heads and turbo).

-Navigation screen lockup

-seat belt warning system (was working before engine replacement 1st time) dealership said this vehicle did not come with the warning system (the red light and chime when you forget to buckle your seatbelt).

-fan blower noisy.

-Sunroof sticking.

-front driveshaft vibration.

-4 wheel drive not engaging.

-Lacks power (this is a 2016 with 3.73 gears) the 2012 I traded with 3.55 gears far outperformed this vehicle.

-Platinum emblem that came loose & turn signal bulb was repaired with only one trip to the dealer.