Istaca Phazar


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I am entering into the world of RVing for the first time.
I have a chance to purchase a Istaca Phazar, 40K well kept miles. The RV has sat for 3 years as he went thru a splitt of marriage!
Does any one have any insite to help or cures of this well kept machine.
I have been told 55 to 60 mph is best, NO TOWING, use caution when driving (Commen Sense)- "hill's - don't push it ". I have been told that this machine is best at 60 MPH or less. Any ideas??


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Re: Istaca Phazar

If it has been sitting for 3 years, you need to ensure that the drivetrain seals are all ok, that it was not left with untreated fuel in it, that the generator, if any, was exercised adequately. and that the batteries and tires are still good. Plus a standard, complete inspection, of course.

55 is the best speed for gas mileage in most vehicles. I would want to know what is meant by 'best' between 55 and 60. If it is gas mileage, that's not a problem. If it is unsafe or unpleasant over that speed, then I would be concerned.

If it has a gas engine, then hills will be annoying. Stay in the slow lane and don't try to keep up with the light vehicles or better diesels. I'd want to know why NO TOWING. That could indicate that the empty weight of the vehicle is so close to the limit that you couldn't safely carry much of your stuff.


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Re: Istaca Phazar

Well John,
I have to admit it has been a long time since I last posted.
And Yes we did buy the itaska. The reason for NO TOWING IS !!! It is powered by a small 4 cyl motor. It does achieve 15mpg's to a high of 17 ( going downhill the wind blowing and me outside pushing) Just kidding. We did get 17 on a flat run at 55 for 100 miles but how often can you go 100 miles on a flat in the great north east.
We have had issues however most have been that the previous owner was a dimwit whom had the repairs done by a dimwit . Stupid stuff BUT we love to take it out at least twice a month and drive it every and any where.
MY biggest concern is my gas tank (unlike others) is ONLY 15 gals. Is there any way to have an external extra gas tank added?