It rained today

I pressure washed my new old RV and I did such a great job on teh roof that I exposed some cracks.

So today when it rained I had to pull out some pots n pans to collect the water drips.

What say you folks, about the best sealer remedies for these cracks?

This is a 79 Dodge Class C van front end 24 ft RV.

Thansk Again. :laugh:

DL Rupper

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Re: It rained today

Pressure washing roofs on new or old RVs is not such a good idea. :( In the future I would use a good RV roof cleaner and a soft bristle brush and a little old fashioned elbow grease (rinse with low pressure garden hose) to clean your roof. As far as sealers, I would use a good RV heavy duty sealer. There are lots of brands at the RV dealers/parts dept. Wal-Mart probably even has a product. What you need to do is read the label and compare the products claims to your roof material/problem. Match the best product to the job at hand. Most newer roofs are rubber membranes and I doubt if your is, so that is why you need to read the labels and match your condition to the Sealers claims. :approve:
RE: It rained today

Thank you Sir.

I want to experiment with some Garage floor epoxy. Two part.

Then seal it with some Americrete sealer.

Its a cheap old RV and it wont hurt the value.

Plus it just might do the job.
Re: It rained today

That sounds like a big screw-up. Floor Epoxy???? and AmeriCRETE sealer?

You need to use a flexible sealant like a Self Leveling Lap Sealant. It will work on Rubber roofs, Aluminum roofs, or metal roofs.

You have asked us for advice and not told us what kind of roof you have. I would guess a '79 would have some sort of metal roof. Again, you need to use something flexible.


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Re: It rained today

I'd use Plas-T-Coat. or /The white roof selant for on Mobile Homes. It is around 16.00 per gal and I bought some at Lowe's. Both stay flexible.
RE: It rained today

The roof material looks plastic. And yes it's flexible.

Looks like it would be cheaper then to just use the mobile home stuff archer was talking about.
Re: It rained today

I used to use a product called "Snow Seal" it is white and drys white. Not only sealing the roof, but reflecting the sun in the hot summer. I would also seal the entire roof from sid to sid and front to back. My experience with older Rv's is that not all leaky cracks are noticeable. Might save you from doing it over and over to find a leak that is not visable. Also scrape off the old stuff that is lifting, just the stuff that is loose. I used an old broom or a regular ceiling roller. Don't worry about putting to much on it won't hurt as long as it is not so much as it drips down the side of the RV. I used to to my older RV's Once a year rather they needed it or not. Believe me you don't want to have to rebuild a roof. Been there Done that, and it is a pain. Have a good day.