Itaska 2003 Suncruiser Problem Help!

I'm new to this RV'ing thing and having problems with my very new motorhome. The service where we bought it has not helped at all. The very first problem we had was upon taking it home and plugging the electrical into our garage, poof, both TV's and microwave went out. When we tried to get service we were told it wasn't covered and it was something we did and we'd have to pay.

A friend checked out everything and it turned out we blew fuses in all the above. We can't get any answers from the dealer and want to know if the 50 amp 4 prong plug can be plugged into 220? Will this damage the system? The dealer said we can only use 110 but the book reads 220 (unless I'm not reading it right). Has anyone else had any difficulty with this?
Itaska 2003 Suncruiser Problem Help!

I would think this is covered by warranty. If the dealer is shining you I suggest contacting the manufacturer. If no go, there is a consumer complaint site I remember seeing someone mention a while back. Hopefully someone who knows about this site will respond with it. I remember this person saying a lone individual may not have much pull witha manufacturer, but they will jump throughbarrels to get this consumer organization off their backs. If no one comes to our rescue you might try various search engines.

On my 2001 32' SeaView I could use 220 or 110 by putting an adapator on the 25' 4 or 6 guage (?) (pretty heavy whatever it was) male end. The other end was wired into the units wiring adjacent to the generator.

Good Luck!