Jamestown, ND is RV friendly!


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There was a post with a story about this community and laws about parking at Wal Mart. I made contact with them and have agreed to post this response for them.

quote:From K. Shultz of the Jamestown council:
"I'm sorry, but you have old information. The Jamestown, ND, city council considered an ordinance to ban overnight parking in parking lots, such as Wal-Mart, but rejected the idea months ago. In fact, the owner of the campground who requested the ordinance withdrew his request. Therefore, when you are traveling through Jamestown, please consider staying a few days. You would be missing a great Midwest experience by simply stopping in our fine town in the dead of night and leaving at the crack of dawn the following morning. How can you get to know us that way?"

the following from another council member, Pam Phillips:

"*****: I thought this was resolved. WE DIDN'T PASS THE ORDINANCE....THERE IS NO BAN ON RV PARKING IN EITHER WAL-MART OR THE BUFFALO MALL IN JAMESTOWN, ND. The matter is gone, gone, gone. Please post this to the same site you found your earlier information.You and your fellow RVer's set us straight. I appreciate all the comments I received. The RVer's were instrumental in educating me so that I could make an informed decision on this issue. To ban the parking would have been a horrible mistake. The parking ban was a bad idea from the start, and we heard about how stupid we were. I apologize for any angst this may have caused the good folks who enjoy the RV experience. Please come visit us anytime, Jamestown IS a friendly city and we want everyone to come and visit us. Pam Phillips, Jamestown City Council"

and the following from the mayor of Jamestown, ND:

"Dear *****:

Apparently the internet did not pick up on the "rest of the story" as the proposed ordinance to ban parking on private parking lots was NOT passed. In fact, the request was dropped by our local campground people.

I don't know how to get this word out to campers, maybe you can help. We are a very friendly town and welcome visitors. Thanks for writing.

Charlie Kourajian

"Mayor of Jamestown"

I hope that this takes care of any question on this story.