Jayco Camper Parts


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My wife and I just purchased a used Jayco pop-up and we love it. However, although all parts were supposed to be included there are a couple missing. Does any one know of a good source(other than a dealer) for replacement poles for the awning(Jayco). Also, any knowlege of being able to use the screen enclosure for that awning with an after market awning? Thanks.


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Re: Jayco Camper Parts

The awning isn't made by Jayco. Its made by Carefree, A&E or someother awning manufacturer. It will have a manufaturer name and model number on the Aluminum bar or tube that the fabric is attached to. I take it that you have a bag awning in which case the poles are part of the bar that goes across the outer edge of the awning when it is out. And yes screen rooms are available but you may need to make alterations to the awning fabric. Some have zippers, some have velcro.