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Just posting a word to the wise about Jayco RVs. Before we purchased our Seneca, my wife and I poured over many forums just like this one and found many glowing reviews of Jayco. Given our recent experience, we think Jayco deserves some more balanced coverage.

We bought our Seneca 34SS in April of this year for $110,000 plus taxes which seemed like a great deal given the usual MSRP. As the old saying goes, however, if something seems too good to be true then it usually is. We have a laundry list of complaints about this RV and no Jayco people we have spoken to seem to want to help. This RV was purchased brand new with a warranty. It came off the lot with broken cabinets and a functionless DVD player. When you pay for a warranty you expect to have some accountability but it is now six months later -- the RV has been in the shop for three -- and none (none!) of the repairs have been completed.

Bottom line: the Jayco warranty is not worth the paper it's written on.
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I have afriend of mine who is experiencing the same thing with his Jayco Seneca. Never can get anything repaired and is always braking down. I told him time to trade it in!

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This is real unusual for Jayco. My guess is your problems are with your dealer. What dealer are you guys using? I would conbtact Jayco direct and see whats going on. If you are having problems with the dealer you can get them to authorize an independent repair facility.

C Nash

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If none of the repairs have not been completed I would tend to agree with sheriff that it's the dealer unless they are saying that Jayco will not cover the problem. In that case I would contact Jayco.


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Call Jayco at 574-825-5861, and speak to Vin (I guess that is how you spell it). He was able to authorize us to use a repair facility much closer to our home. We bought out of state before realizing there are only a few, and I mean few, Jayco dealers here in Louisiana.

So far, Vin has been very accomodating and helpful. I wish you better luck in the future with your Jayco.