Jeep Liberty Toad

Anybody out there with experience with the new Jeep Liberty as a toad? Looks like it might be a good one, but havn't heard whether there are restrictions--for example the Suzuki 200 mi, no auto hubs thing, etc. I know many four wheel drives you can just shift the transfer case to neutral, hook up and go--is this the case with the Liberty?


Jeep Liberty Toad

Yes, you put the transfer case in neutral and the transmission in park and away you go. My wife won one of the ones Hershey Co. was giving away. It is a good little vehicle, there were a couple of things we didn't like about her free one so we took it and her 2wheel drive Cherokee and traded them in on a 4wheel drive Cherokee, which we can tow. Right now I am towing an 02 Dodge Dakota quad cab 4wheel drive. It tows nice, but is pretty heavy, 4675 pounds. The Cherokee will be a little smaller and lighter. The Liberty should make a nice toad. Don Bickel
Jeep Liberty Toad

The Jeep Liberty uses pretty much the same technology as my Grand Cherokee, with the transfer case in neutral, and the transmission in park (according to my owners manual)... I use mine for towing though, not as a toad!


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