just a few questions!!!!


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My husband and I are in the process of buying our first travel trailer. I have been doing a lot of research on-line. (so much that my head hurts with information). I think we have narrowed our search down to something like a Jayco "Kiwi". We went to the dealership today and the sticker price compared to the NADA price was vast. They told me NADA is what the banks use to do loans so it is the low end price compared to the Kelley Blue Book price. I asked to see the KBB and the salesman said he wasnt even allowed to see it! I am a little frustrated with this. As a consumer dont I have a right to that info. too? Do the banks have the KBB for RV's? Do you know Where can I find reviews on travel trailers? Any help would be appreciated. Sessy

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just a few questions!!!!

Hi Sessy, the salesman is telling you a big one, there are several places to go, yes your bank should have a Nada or KBB to help you, there is also www.rv.org.com a rv consumer group, it costs about $100 for their books and buyers information, also you can try Jayco direct for their MSRP of the unit your intrested in typically there is a 20 to 30% markup on RV's, that why the salesman doesn't want you to see the blue book! Another route is to purchase a subcription of the dealers Nada guide directly from Nada it costs about $100.00 per year and is published 3 times per year, it will give you suggested new price, loan value, dealer cost, options cost, and average retail. Jayco makes a good product, but you may waant to check other dealers and mfgs. if you really like the Kiwi, then go the other dealer, good luck in your search. GB

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just a few questions!!!!

Then, there is this wonderful place called the Library which likely will have the Blue Book. Most banks will tell you what it says if they smell a loan coming.

Twenty to 30 percent less than anything the salesman first quotes as a price is a good place to bargain. If this one won't, another will. Especially with the season coming to an end in the northern states.

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just a few questions!!!!

I would do as Gary and Vern say then go find a dealer who isn't going to lie to you. As far as Jayco goes, I have owned 2 Jayco tent trailers and had good luck with them. I now have a fifthwheel. I narrowed my choices down to Jayco and Sunnybrook but decided to go with the Sunnybrook because I liked the layout a little better.
Good luck
just a few questions!!!!

Now that you have ben given good information, don't I repeat, don't go back to that crooked dealer...........good luck.
just a few questions!!!!

Since I work for a car dealer, and they operate pretty much in the same way as the RV dealers, I can add something to the blue book line you're getting. One reason the Salesman can't show you the blue book, is because they don't use a blue book. Dealers (at least car dealers) use a black book, which is update and distributed nationwide on a monthly basis. This is their Bible, they look at nothing else. And they are not available to the public, and they won't show it to you either! And the prices are much different in those books than they are for consumer books. I believe the saying goes... Caveat Emtor (Buyer Beware)...


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just a few questions!!!!

You can look at NADA guides on line at nadaguides.com. One thing you might want to do is consider a used unit for the first time. I did, and we had a great experience -- and its easy to find used units on line. Good luck. find a dealer that you are comfortable with -- working for weeks to save $500 is a waste of time (since your time is valuable). Get comfortable with the dealer -- that's more important than a few hundred dollars
just a few questions!!!!

If you want a good deal on Jayco, talk to Big Sky Rv in Bozeman MT. We bought our 5'er from them a few years ago, had it delivered to our door for a price that local dealers could not or would not touch. Very satisfied with our experience.
just a few questions!!!!

I would also say to shop for a good dealer. Saving a percentage point is a waste of time if the dealer is poor on support, service and customer relations. I just ordered our new fiver and we spent a little more but we could not be happier with the dealer. He gave us a fair upfront price with no haggling, has thirteen service bays open till 10pm every night for service and dealership prides itself on customer satisfaction. in my opinion you will be much happier with the overall experience of owning an RV if your happy with your dealer and manufacturer. Good Luck.

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just a few questions!!!!

IMHO, when a salesman quotes a source document, but refuses a simple request like let me see it: stand up, smile, and walk silently out the door. You are dealing with a dis-honorable person and no verbage will alter that fact.
just a few questions!!!!

I can say also to check for a good deal on a used RV. We have gotten good deals 2 different times on used RV's that were used less than 6 months and the price difference is unbelievable. Sometimes people purchase a new RV and only use them once or twice and then get rid of them for one reason or another and you can save a bundle.