Just bought my first RV/opinions on the unit

Hello all,
Just bought my first RV :laugh: , it is a 1993 30' Pinnacle 300Q by Thor Industries. The coach is in immaculate condition both in and out, with hydrolic leveling jacks, central air, 7000kw Onan generator, 454 Chevy, with all items working as they should. The drivetrain has 104k on it but runs excellent and has consistant compression on all cyclinders, with no drips or leaks and a very smooth transmission. I paid $17,000 for the coach which seemed like a very fair price.
Anyone have any experience with this make and model? Thanks for letting my introduce myself and I am looking forward to enjoying my first motorhome and getting valuable information from this forum. Take care...Jeff
Just bought my first RV/opinions on the unit

Welcome Jeff, You will find a world of info from your rving friends here and in the campgrounds. Contratulations on your first motorhome. We wish you the best of luck and hope that you will not make too many mistakes (likee we all have in the past). Make yourself up a check list it you do not already have one. Look around and under the rig twice before you pull out and don't forget about the anntena! Most of all have a lot of FUN!
Just bought my first RV/opinions on the unit

Thanks for the welcome! I will make a checklist since there are so many things to remember before driving away, my biggest fear is forgetting to raise the leveling jacks. Thanks again, I am sure to have many questions and be picking everyones brain. Take care...Jeff
Just bought my first RV/opinions on the unit

Jeff...I'm sure you'll have a blast. I've heard of some folks leaving their keys on the crank for the antenna which makes it impossible to leave it up. Our rig has a particularly annoying buzzer hooked up to the jacks, so when you start the engine, you KNOW the jacks are down. Notwithstanding, sometimes a list can be a reassuring thing. I like to walk around one last time before pulling away since I would really hate to leave something behind, and it gives me a chance to do a little double check of tires and such. Sounds like you got a pretty good deal. My wife and I looked at used rigs, since I've always been pretty astute at buying used (last van I bought had over 150k on it and when I sold it, it then had almost 250k... miles, and the guy I sold it to is still driving it...)...but we couldn't get past some of the eighties decor! So ended up buying new. More people have more problems with brand new rigs than you'd care to believe. Problem is they're under warrenty and all that good stuff, but if the dealers are idiots, and many are, you're in for a frustrating first few years. We've not had any problems thanksfully, but I figure if a rig makes it to the first 100k or so, then basically regular maintenance will keep it running for a long long time. There will be stuff that wears out. Batteries, water pumps, alternators etc. But if you do your maintenance religiously and have a mechanic you can trust (now there's a tall order) you'll be able catch those things before something gives out on the thruway.
Have fun. Remember, same rules apply as on a boat...it's not a good idea to yell at the first mate, doesn't make for happy campin'.
Just bought my first RV/opinions on the unit

The keys on the antenna sounds like a good idea!
Our buying experience with Wheelers RV in Las Vegas was a great one. They checked all the systems to make sure everything was working, I also did when my wife and I were looking at the coach. When I picked it up the VIP treatment was given to me, the coach was parked in a special spot looking clean and new. I was given a thorough walk around and shown the proper way of using everything both inside and out. Then I was seated in the VIP lounge and given a bottle of champagne and a camera. They were professional and curteous and having sold cars in the past and all the BS involved, it was very much appreciated. All in all it was a wonderful purchase. The only problem was the convection microwave was discovered to have a short in it during their safety inspection. They are ordering a new one for us and will install it when it comes in.
Just bought my first RV/opinions on the unit

Inverted99, When the new convection/microwave comes in let them know that by using the same screws and/or holes into the new unit can cause a short in it. I have seen this more than once. I would suggest they remove the wrapper from the old unit to determine where to put screws to hold new unit in place without shorting it out!
Just bought my first RV/opinions on the unit

rv wizard,
That makes alot of sense, I will ask them to check that when I take the RV down to have it installed especially since I do not know the cause of the short in the old one. Thanks...Jeff