Just got a great deal


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Picked me up a 1995 Winnie Brave 33 foot with only 6855 miles on it for 24500. The guy bought it new and his wife was scared of it so they only did a few short trips. It even still has that new motorhome smell to it. It did have one problem that I saw, the sewer hose compartment has lost the inside support and it caused the two lower screws to turn loose but thats no big deal. Does anyone know the bad things about these chev chassis? Would like to take care of any potentiol problems before I hit the road.


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Re: Just got a great deal

It sounds like a real prize to me. Back in 95 the Ford and GM were pretty much on level ground and that chassis is hardly broken in. I would sure check everything that is rubber, but that and the problem you already found should be about it. The old P30 was a pretty soft ride that wandered some, but hot too bad. I would check the air bage in the coil front springs too and probably the shocks. Sounds like a winner to me!


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RE: Just got a great deal

P30 chassis have their share of problems. My 1988 Holiday Rambler Alumilite has a tag axle in the back so that end of things isn't overloaded. The front end is another story.

The steering bellcranks and idler arm can wear very very quickly. Some say the factory shipped )designed?) them already worn out. I replaced one that had been replaced 4 thousand miles ago by the previous owner. If you need new ones, get the Camping World bellcranks (Roadmaster I think), they are made with tapered bearings and will last a long time.

Chevy put one size of spring in the front end regardless of the application or what was going on top. The air bags are their solution to making the front end serve a wide range of applications. Bad idea. Air bags break, leak and are not an adequate substitute for the right size spring. I bought a new set of custom springs (Roadmaster) through Camping World and they made a great deal of difference. The ride height is correct and the suspension does not bottom out.