Just got back from the down under(2 months)


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Was new here when I left(was I missed?)
Gotta go look at the DP today or over the weekend(it's in storage)
I must report even with the chatting on fuel prices we still have it better than AU and NZ
AU $1.45 gas and diesel $1.78 NZ $1.78 gas and diesel $1.25 this is letres (don't have a clue as to the diesel being flip flopped) We paid now we use gallons about $7 to $9 a gallon for gas in NZ and a little cheaper in Au.
Total difference RV world there NZ, mostly camper vans and a few class C and a few like 25' A's narrower than ours and finally did see one what we would call a class A pusher but maybe 30-32' with no slide. Very very few 5th wheels, although we did stop a talk at a fair that brought in campers and did see a 5th wheel"s there but tows were Toyota trucks(looked like the old ford cab over with an xtra seat,seating for four, and then a flat bed area with the 5th wheel ) and they were 4x4 and diesel. Au about the same but there I did see a couple class a and slides. Also saw a lot of trailers towed by cars, like the Honda or Toyota sitting in your driveway. Didn't see but a handful of our full sided pickups, maybe 2 in NZ and under 5 in AU Ford Chev and Dodge.
As to camping, they call them Holiday parks and they are everywhere with all the hookup and facilities we know. But they are like KOA's with cabins et all. There is also a bit of boondocking and a whole bunch of tent camping(and here they make us look like kids in the woods) Tent camping with three bedrooms kitchen area flat screen, microwave and refer.
Anyway if any have ??? ask I just may have the answer, and yes that is a but dragger on the airplane over and back.



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Re: Just got back from the down under(2 months)

Welcome back len, I am sure you had a good time. LOL


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Re: Just got back from the down under(2 months)

Welcome Back Len

When you bum gets over being numb & you see your DP you will be ready for anyting. :laugh:

Darlin :cool: