Just how long have you been RVing or camping or both??


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Started to love te camping life in the 60s & 70s. Dad would rent a slide in camper for our pick-up. During 1 trip to Rapid City from SE MN we found that 13 year old cousins should not be allowed to have bottle rockets around dry hay fields. I think there is still a wanted poster hanging up just west of SiouxFalls looking for 2 little pyromatiacs.
Graduated to a Winnebago Brave in the 70s to go smelting in northern MN. 80s were more geared toward 'other' interests until I found my bride that had a father in the RV business. Got married and bought my 1st RV (94 Georgia Boy Swinger) in 90s. Found time to put 128k miles on it. These were some of the BEST family memories. 15 years and hit every state east of the Mississippi. Now moved up to a pusher and can't wait for any excuse to take it out. Just got back from 1 week Spec fishing in Astor FL, Tailgating at Jimmy Buffett concert in Orlando, and now taking a bunch of people to a Lacrosse game near Tampa.


Interesting thread!

Like many others, I grew up camping with my parents & siblings. We had an old army tent that weight 500 lbs and took forever to set up. After waking up to snow in Yellowstone in June and having to break camp and move on, the tent was replaced by a pop-up by the next trip. Great memories of those trips trips across country and those of camping closer to home.

As an adult, I showed horses (barrel raced specifically) and had various campers. That part of my life ended in divorce & the loss of the Winnie & horse trailer but I kept my horse! Life got in the way of lots of things and camping took a backseat. Once I retired, I got back into horses but trail riding and not showing. That led to "horse camping" in rented cabins but the campfires & fun was all it took to get the camping fever again.

Unfortunately, my DH now never camped as a kid, didn't see any reason to sit outside by a fire when one could have one inside in a fire place and for sure didn't need another motor to deal with.... blah blah blah. It took several years of dropping hints, mentioning places we could go and finally the trump card... fly fishing. Finally, once he thought it was HIS idea, we bought a B+ 2 years ago, sold it last year and have a Class A and a jeep to tow. Talk about an about face!

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We started camping in August 2009 after I retired. We purchased a 2007 Coachmen Freelander and already put close to 30,000 miles on it. The longest trip was last year's Alaska adventure. We travel with a pug dog and now pull a Chevy HHR.


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Let see, if you count the Army, you know the army tent and sleeping bag, well that was back in 68. But to get to the real camping. That started back in 79, I borrow my brother truck and slide in and my son and I went out for the weekend. So I GUEST it was that time frame that I was hooked. But instead of a camper I bought a 21 Bayliner cuddy cabin and the son and I did river camping in it. After he left home for the AF I sold the boat and stopped it all for awhile. I bought a TT with no slide and that did not work out, next was a TT with one slide, ok for awhile. Then Maria decided she would like to go WEST, fine but I wasn't pulling a TT that far, and that is when the MH came into being. Well we have been out west 2 times and hoping to make it this June if gas does not get much higher. So that is how I began.