KATT Towing System

[RonS] I no longer want to pull a dolly. I need some first hand experiences (Good and Bad) with the P&E Industries KATT Automatic Transmission Towing System. Thanks in advance Ron
KATT Towing System

[Gary B] Hi Ron, I have heard some horror stories about their system, and dealing with the Co. My uncle installed one of their tank systems on a Ford Festeva (spell?), and after a trip of about 135 miles he checked everything over and didn&#039t like what he found(he thought the tranny felt too hot for just towing, this was in the fall in Wash.) so had my aunt drive the Ford home and he used his dolly till he sold the Ford. Good luck in your search and happy trails GB
KATT Towing System

[FC] There are a lot of cases of people who had problems with their transmissions after using this product, and in magazines there are cases reported that their warranty is limited to the price you paid for the system. For a company with a better reputation check out REMCO. They make a transmission pump and they can advise on many other towing solutions.
The KATT products are not sold by many suppliers now due to problems with the company. BE CAREFUL
KATT Towing System

[J. Holden] Agree with prev post. STAY AWAY FROM P&E. Several MH issues ago there was a spacific "Action Line" case involving damages from a KATT device, no P&E customer service, and, as a result, Camping World dropped P&E&#039s line of products. Look at REMCO. No first hand experience, but I&#039ve heard great things about their towing solutions, along with a recomendation from one of the columns in MH magazine.